Roger Elliot,[1] better known as "Pappy",[2] was a member of Project Stargazer. A former CIA agent, Pappy was the sole survivor of a Yautja encounter during the Vietnam War, and was later instrumental in the founding of Stargazer.


Pappy participated in covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. While training a group of Vietnamese locals in making terrorist explosives, he and his men discovered a skinned body which badly frightened the locals into leaving the vicinity. Pappy reported of this discovery to his commanding officer in Saigon, who then ordered him and his men to stay in the area. Within a few days, all of Pappy's men were slain by the Predator. But for some unknown reasons the alien spared Pappy.

Since then, Pappy was traumatized by the encounter but continued his work with the CIA throughout the end of the war and became obsessed in learning more about the Predators. Because of his service and experience with an alien encounter, Pappy became a valuable asset to the CIA and he subsequently joined Project Stargazer.

By 2017, Pappy expressed concerns of Project Stargazer being shut down after two decades of alien inactivity. He suggested to General Douglas Woodhurst of privatizing Stargazer to keep the project running. Although Woodhurst was hesitant to Pappy's suggestion, Pappy reasoned that only non-sensitive and non-military technology would be sold to the public.

Pappy was killed by the first Yautja successfully captured by Project Stargazer when it escaped the base.



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