Robert Mentor is an airbrush painter and comic book artist who worked on the comic Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens (1991 magazine) for Dark Horse Comics.


Mentor had a limited career in the American comics field, with his only work other than Aliens: Colonial Marines being cover and some interior illustrations for the two issue series Sex Warrior, also published by Dark Horse, and written by acclaimed 2000 AD series creator Pat Mills.

Sex Warrior started off as a feature comprising two story arcs in the 1991 Trident Comics anthology series Toxic!, which ended after issue 31. It featured interior illustration from fellow Aliens-contributing artist Will Simpson. Dark Horse picked up a number of the Toxic! characters, including Sex Warrior, for which the art was redrawn by American artist Mike McKone, with new covers provided by Mentor.

Mentor also provided cover art for issues of Dark Horse International's Aliens and Star Wars magazines. One of Mentor's Colonial Marines covers was also re-used for Dark Horse Insider #13.

Known for his distinctive airbrushed illustrations, more recently Mentor was said to be specializing in digital media to create fantasy photo-enhancements of models such as cover art for Brainstrom Comics' Vamperotica Magazine (featuring model Tika Monsarrat) from 1998-1999.

Not much more is known about his work.