Ripley's Pulse Rifle, also known as Ripley's Flamethrower,[1] was the M41A Pulse Rifle/M240 Incinerator Unit combination weapon assembled by Ellen Ripley before her quest to rescue Rebecca "Newt" Jorden inside the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processing Plant Hive on LV-426. It appeared as a "Legendary Weapon" in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.


Ripley's Pulse Rifle is a combination of a standard issue M41A Pulse Rifle with sling and a M240 Incinerator Unit duct taped together, with the M240 on the left-hand side and the M41A on the right-hand side. Ripley also duct taped her locater to the top of the M41A's carrying handle to aid in locating Newt's Tracer Bracelet inside the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processor Sub-Levels.[2]

Technical Specifications

  • Firepower: 8/10
  • Accuracy: 4/10
  • Rate of Fire: 9/10
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Magazine Size: 95 rounds
  • Reload Time: 2 seconds


Ripley quickly crafted her weapon before entering the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processor Sub-Level Hive to rescue Newt. While Inside the Sub-Levels Ripley used the locater she duct taped to the M41A's carrying handle to aid in locating Newt's Tracer Bracelet. Although the bracelet had fallen off of Newt's wrist, her screams guided Ripley towards her, arriving in time to destroy the Facehugger emerging from a nearby Egg and to kill the approaching Xenomorph Warriors. After freeing Newt the two discovered numerous Eggs and the Queen producing them. Ripley then used the weapon to threaten the Queen and, when a nearby Egg opened, to incinerate most of the Hive. When Ripley and Newt arrived at the destination where Smart Ass was supposed to be and discovered that Bishop had left them Ripley dropped the weapon as the Queen arrived in an elevator seemingly accepting her fate. The weapon was subsequently left inside the Atmosphere Processing Plant when Ripley and Newt escaped in the dropship and was still inside when the Atmosphere Processor exploded.[2]


  • Ripley's Pulse Rifle should have been destroyed when the Atmosphere Processor exploded at the end of Aliens, yet it somehow returns in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Due to the fact it's a DLC weapon that's available to the Limited Edition version of the game it can assumed the weapon is not official game canon.
  • In Aliens, Ripley tapes the weapon together so that the flamethrower is on the left-hand side, closest to her body, and the Pulse Rifle is on the right-hand side. The two weapons are reversed in Aliens: Colonial Marines, with the Pulse Rifle closest to the player. The ammo counter on the M41A is also on the wrong side in the game, being on the left of the Pulse Rifle (although this is likely for gameplay reasons, to ensure it is visible to the player).
  • An editing mismatch was long present in the scene in Aliens where Ripley crafts the weapon — originally, she pulled an M240 out of the rack, but the next shot showed her putting down a Pulse Rifle. She then grabbed a Pulse Rifle and put down an M240. This mistake has been fixed on the Blu-ray release of the film.
  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ripley's Pulse Rifle is not required for the "I Like to Keep These Handy" trophy/achievement, awarded for collecting all of the Legendary Weapons in the game; this is due to the fact the weapon is a pre-order/DLC exclusive, and will therefore be unavailable to some players.
  • The M41A part of Ripley's Pulse Rifle and Hudson's Pulse Rifle are the only usable M41A Pulse Rifles in Aliens: Colonial Marines; the rest of the usable Pulse Rifles in the game are the newer MK2 design, although unusable M41A's appear in the Sulaco's armory in "Mission 1: Distress".
  • Ripley's Pulse Rifle can be found in the DLC map Firing Range, located behind the window on the left side of the first room.




Behind the Scenes

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