Ricky Howard was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town. He was employed as a delivery boy at Pizza One.

Ricky was one of four people known to have survived the Gunnison incident, along with Kelly O'Brien, Molly O'Brien and his brother Dallas.


Ricky worked as a pizza delivery man and was assigned by Drew to make a delivery at Jesse's house, who he knew since childhood. When he got there, he saw Dale there with his two friends, Nick and Mark. They bullied him while he was there but Ricky made a verbal remark back in retaliation. After delivering the pizza, Ricky made his way to his car, ready to leave only to be attacked by Dale and his friends. Dale stole his keys and threw them down the storm drain.

Ricky got home only to find Dallas back from jail. Ricky planned on getting revenge on Dale, but Dallas stopped him. Then Ricky asked Dallas to help him get his keys back, which Dallas agrees to. When in the sewer, Ricky searched for the keys in the bottom of a pile of muck and when he attempted to reach them, he saw a Chestburster on the otherside of the sewer stream. Frightened, the two fled the sewers with Ricky's keys.

Later Jesse and Ricky agreed to meet at night at the school's swimming pool. There Jesse, who broke with her boyfriend Dale because of his violent behaviour, seduced him. However, Dale and his friend followed them there and after making an insulting comment about Jesse, Ricky pushed them into the water unaware, that an Alien was lurking nearby. Jesse spotted the Xenomorph and yelled for them to get out, but not before Dale's friends were killed by the Alien.

Ricky escaped with Jesse and travelled with his older brother and others in order to locate a way out of town. They decided to make their way to the hospital, where they knew a helicopter was on the rooftop. However, during an extended melee throughout the hospital, Jesse was killed by the Yautja Wolf, pinned to the wall with a Shuriken. Ricky, shocked and enraged, attacked Wolf only for an Alien Warrior to appear and tackled Wolf down an elevator shaft, causing him to drop his Plasma Pistol. Immediately afterward, Ricky was impaled in the shouler by the Predalien, but managed to get to the helicopter and escape with the others before the town was destroyed.

After that Ricky and the others were found by the army and was medically treated by them.

Personality & Traits

Ricky had feelings for Jesse and was bullied by Jesse's then boyfriend. He was impulsive and had violent tendencies, as before Dallas stopped him, he was intending to get revenge on Dale with a baseball bat and much later he aggressively attacks a Yautja after the latter accidentally kills Jesse. Sheriff Morales commented that he had been seeing Ricky too often, suggesting that Ricky was getting into trouble with the police.


Ricky used an M4A1 along with 2nd generation Glock 17 as his primary weapons.



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