"She appears to be a main sequence star a lot like our own. But old. Very old."
Ricks assesses Planet 4's system (from Alien: Covenant)

Ricks was the navigator aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant and the husband of communications officer Upworth. After the discovery of a mysterious planet following an incident that damaged the Covenant, Ricks and Upworth remained on the ship in orbit while a ground team explored the world. They were later killed together by a deadly alien lifeform that was born aboard the vessel from security chief Dan Lopé.


Attack on the Covenant[]

"We tried contacting them. They answered immediately. Said they were bringing 'extra supplies'. Had an answer for every question."
Ricks explaining the situation to Daniels (from Alien: Covenant - Origins)

In 2103, shortly before the departure of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant from Earth orbit, a radical group dubbed the Earthsavers carried out several operations to ensure that the launch did not proceed. Their efforts culminated in using a shuttle to ram the Covenant and cripple it; navigator Ricks and his wife, communications officer Upworth, attempted to make contact with the speeding craft, with the saboteurs giving credible replies to each of their inquiries. After the assault was foiled, Ricks relayed the attackers' final message: "Oh-tee-bee-dee"—the Earthsavers' motto, which stood for "Out There Be Monsters"—though Ricks himself was none the wiser as to its meaning.

Disaster and discovery[]

"It's beyond your most optimistic projections for Origae-6."
Ricks to Daniels as he appraises the mystery planet (from Alien: Covenant)

In 2104, one year into the Covenant's journey, the ship was hit by a cosmic event and damaged, and captain Jacob Branson was killed. Revived along with the rest of the surviving crew, Ricks took his position on the bridge. While repairing the ship, pilot Tennessee Faris picked up a rogue transmission that was tracked to a nearby planet. Ricks analyzed the world, comparing it favorably to the expedition's intended destination of Origae-6.

Recently minted captain Chris Oram led an investigation of the planet and the detachment departed aboard Lander One. Ricks and Upworth handled communications between the Lander and the Covenant, though the transmission was spotty, and contact was lost after Lander One was destroyed.

Command override[]

"We can't evacuate them. So if they are in trouble, they will have to figure it out on their own. I'm sorry, but that's the truth."
Ricks to Tennessee (from Alien: Covenant)
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Ricks is killed

With the situation appearing bleak and the Covenant unable to approach the planet due to an electrical storm, Ricks insisted that the expedition detachment was unable to rely on outside help. Tennessee, however, was adamant that the crew assist them, and initiated a command override to enable ship's computer Mother to bring the Covenant into optimum position for contact and rescue. Communications were duly restored; after chief terraformist Katherine Daniels recommended that Tennessee use the ship's cargo lifter to evacuate the survivors, Ricks assisted in fueling the craft with a full plasma intermix. The rescue was ultimately successful.

The Covenant was placed back on its original heading; with little else to do, Ricks and Upworth took a shower together. However, a dangerous alien creature emerged from security chief Dan Lopé, who had been infected while on the planet, and it managed to infiltrate the shower. Approaching the couple, it killed Ricks with its inner jaw before slaughtering Upworth. Their bodies were discovered by Daniels and Tennessee, who were able to kill the creature.

Personality and traits[]

"I'm good with my wife's tits."
Ricks exchanges banter with Tennessee (from Alien: Covenant)

Appearing intense to others, Ricks was quiet, competent and hewed to procedure whenever an incident occurred. He served as a calming influence to his wife's more volatile temperament, though he was not above joking with other members of the crew.

Behind the scenes[]

Ricks first appeared in The Last Supper, a short released on YouTube to promote the 2017 film Alien: Covenant. In the short—and the film itself—Ricks was portrayed by Jussie Smollett.