Rhynth are large cattle-like quadrupedal ungulates that bear a striking resemblance to the rhinos of Earth.


These large herbivores look strikingly similar to Earth rhinos, except their two horns are side by side, not one in front of the other, and they also have a long, thick tail. They have a large skeleton and a thick tan-colored hide that can be made into leather, and this hide can be either uniform in coloration or covered in large splotches, like that of an Earth cow, though they are purple in coloration. This coloration may indicate different varieties or possibly gender. They appear to lack hair, though it is possible that it is only sparse, seeing as they are native to an extremely arid world.

Rhynth Stampede

It is noticeable that all rhynth have similarly-sized horns, which may indicate that they are used for protection against such predators like briar wolves. It does not seem likely that the horns are used for competition with one another, especially since young ones also possess well-developed horns. Their mitochondrial cell count is significantly lower than most found in their quadrant.

Though this species may appear to be mammalian, seeing as they resemble rhinos and are raised like cows, it is possible that they are reptilian, as there are several aspects that are more often found in reptiles, such as their tails, though this is only speculation.


They are native to the desert planet Ryushi.


The rhynth have been used in a variety of ways over the centuries by various different species.

  • Yautja have both used the rhynth as hosts for Xenomorphs, as well as hunting them themselves for their hide, which they make into such items as leather belts, and possibly for their meat.
  • Xenomorphs have also used rhynth as hosts.
  • Humans have used the rhynth as transports as well as raising them to be sold to Earth as a meat source.


  • Despite several rhynths being used as hosts for Xenomorphs in the original Aliens vs. Predator comics series, the resulting specimens are simply Drone types; the concept of Xenomorphs taking on the features of their hosts was not properly established until one year later after the release of Aliens vs. Predator, with the release of Alien3.


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