The Rexim-Favor is a Swiss-made submachine gun chambered in 9×19mm.


The Rexim-Favor features a quick release barrel, and a magazine that is identical to the German MP 40's.

The chief interest of the Favor was that it fired from a closed bolt — that is, the round was fed into the chamber by the action of the cocking handle and remained there until pressure on the trigger allowed the firing pin to go forward. Motive power was provided by two coiled springs, one working inside the other with an intermediate hollow hammer. When the trigger was pressed the depression of the sear released the hammer which went forward under the force of the large outer spring, struck the firing pin, and fired the round. Normal blowback then followed until the cycle continued.

The design was regarded as very heavy and clumsy, being more of a carbine than a submachine gun. It was also thought that the firing mechanisms were too complicated for a submachine gun, where simplicity is an important factor. The Rexim Favor can mount a bayonet and use NATO rifle grenades, but at a weight significantly greater than even most assault rifles.


The Rexim-Favor was developed in the early 1950s by the Swiss Rexim Small Arms Company. Some sources claim that in fact this weapon was designed in France, but its plans were stolen from French MAT factory and carried over to Switzerland. Production of this weapon was contracted to the Spanish company La Coruna, although all sales were handled by the Swiss company. About 5 thousands of these submachine guns were manufactured between 1955 and 1957, but due to the lack of sales Rexim S. A. went bankrupt. During 1960s, at least some of these submachine guns ended up in Turkey, being used by Turkish army who designated it the M-68, and still use the weapon to this day in limited numbers. Overall, this weapon was overly complicated, and despite being offered in many versions, it sold poorly.[1]

The weapon is perhaps best known for its modification and use in several high-profile movie productions. In the original Star Wars, the Rexim-Favor was used as the basis for the blaster carried by Ponda Baba (the character who's arm is cut off by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Mos Eisley cantina) and his partner-in-crime Dr. Cornelius Evazan. Two years later, the Favor was again used as the basis for heavily customized RXF-M5 EVA Pistols in Alien.


In Alien, the Rexim-Favor was the basis for the RXF-M5 EVA Pistols carried by the crew of the USCSS Nostromo (although the weapons are only briefly glimpsed in the film).


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