For the similar weapon used by the USCM, see UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun.
"Live Turrets! Keep your eyes up, guys!"
―Pvt. O'Neal (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)
The Remote Sentry Turret[2] is an automated perimeter defense system manufactured by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and used primarily by Weyland-Yutani PMCs to deliver pre-set automatic fire to any hostile within range or area targets.


The Turret mounts a laser above the barrel and a underbarrel flashlight.

The Turret's sensors had major problems tracking Xenomorphs and often failed to do so.

The Turret could be disarmed at close range which proved to be one of the major downfalls of the device as during the second Hadley's Hope infestation many Colonial Marines were able to avoid the gunfire and disarm the Turrets by sneaking up behind them.

The Turret used some type of transmissions to identify friendlies.[2]

The Turret generally served the same role as the Colonial Marine Corps' UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun, although it was far inferior to the UA 571 which tracked Xenomorphs much better, was more compact, had an ammo counter telling users how many rounds were left in the drum and was impervious to being deactivated at close range.


  • The Turret has the markings "02 WY-ADT" on the sides and "CAUTION" above the barrel.
  • The Turrets cannot be disabled by gunfire in Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • Doing circles around the Turrets will prevent them from being able to hit the player.
  • Even when disabled the Turrets will turn your reticule red when looking at them.
  • In the game, many of the Turrets' legs are not actually touching the ground.
  • Jumping on top of a Turret will cause the player to eventually slide off.
  • The Turret's underbarrel flashlight is in 2D.
  • In "Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco", two already disabled Turrets can be found in the area where you get to first use a Power Loader.
    • These Turrets' legs are actually touching the ground and will still cause your reticule to turn red, even when in the Power Loader.
  • In "Mission 6: For Bella", the first live Turret encountered cannot actually hit the player while behind the broken window. However, If the player enters the room with the Turret and then goes in front of it the Turret will take a moment to find the player then begin shooting which will actually do damage.
    • Also, the same Turret will begin firing at the windows before the player even gets to them.
    • The same Turret's legs are not touching the ground.


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