Rematch is a 2017 short story written by Steve Perry, published by Titan Books as part of the anthology Predator: If It Bleeds. A sequel to Predator: Turnabout, it sees survivors Sloane and Mary roused from their reclusive lives when a pair of Yautja come looking for the individuals responsible for slaying their brethren in Alaska.


Nine years after the incident in Alaska, Sloane and Mary are now living quiet, reclusive lives in a remote Oregon forest. However, when Sloane once again senses the presence of a Yautja watching him from the trees, he rushes home to arm himself and warn his wife. They are stalked by Nakande and Vagouti, two mated Predators who have travelled to Earth to kill those responsible for the death of their brethren nine years previously. Watching Sloane and Mary in their cabin, the Yautja elect to leave them to prepare themselves, thereby increasing the challenge of the coming Hunt. To pass the time, the Yautja head off to slay a group of bikers manufacturing crystal meth in their trailer elsewhere in the forest.

Despite the fact the bikers are heavily armed, the Yautja easily slaughter the three men. Sloane and Mary hear the gunfire and take it as confirmation that there are Yautja in the woods. They arm themselves with high-caliber hunting rifles and don ghillie suits to try and mask themselves from the Yautja, before heading out into the forest, hoping to outsmart the hunters on terrain they know better. Meanwhile, Mac, a local Sheriff's Deputy, arrives at the bikers' trailer in response to reports of gunfire; he discovers a bloody massacre. Locating one of the Yautja's giant footprints, he immediately calls in SWAT for backup.

Sloane and Mary set up a sniper ambush and successfully shoot Nakande dead before fleeing into the trees. Hoping that killing one of the creatures will slow the other down, they make for the bikers' encampment, hoping to steal one of their vehicles and escape. They encounter Mac, who had been moving to investigate the sound of their gunshots. After explaining the situation to Mac — who readily accepts the story after seeing the bikers' corpses — the trio make for his squad car, knowing that SWAT will take too long to arrive to save them.

As they near the bikers' camp site, Sloane realizes the surviving Yautja has likely anticipated their move and now lies in wait for them. The three try to circle around through a gully, but Vagouti is alerted to their presence when Mac steps on a stick, causing it to break loudly. She discovers the humans as they attempt to sneak into Mac's car and prepares to fire on the vehicle as soon as it begins to leave, hoping to catch all three with a single blast from her Plasmacaster. However, Sloane manages to fake getting into the car, locates the Yautja as it prepares to destroy the vehicle, and shoots her with his rifle. The mortally-wounded creature falls from the trees to the ground and Sloane finishes it with his revolver, but not before it activates its Self-Destruct Device. The three humans flee in Mac's car, successfully escaping the blast radius of the bomb before it detonates.

As they drive away, Sloane wryly tells a stunned Mac, "After a couple of times, it gets easier to believe."


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