"Mills and Johnson won't last much longer out there!"
Reeger (from Predator 2)

Sergeant Reeger[2] was the Los Angeles Police Department officer in command of the SWAT team that engaged El Scorpio and his fellow Colombian Scorpions members in 1997.


Reeger and his men were called in when two motorcycle cops were shot by the Colombian Scorpions. Although the police officers set up a perimeter, the Scorpions' considerable firepower prevented the wounded men from being rescued and they were trapped in the crossfire. When Lieutenant Harrigan arrived and cleared the area, Reeger subsequently attempted to prevent him from entering the Colombians' stronghold, pointing out that Captain Heinemann had forbade it. Unknown to Reeger, the City Hunter had ambushed El Scorpio and his fellow Scorpions. Harrigan still wanted to get them, but Reeger reminded him of his orders. However, Harrigan ignored the orders and went in anyway, forcing Reeger to send two of his men to assist.


Reeger was armed with a Franchi SPAS-15 combat shotgun during the firefight at the beginning of Predator 2.


  • Reeger actor Steve Kahan is perhaps best known for his role as LAPD Captain Ed Murphy in all four Lethal Weapon films, which starred Predator 2 lead Danny Glover. Ironically, in the Lethal Weapon films he plays Glover's superior, whereas these roles are reversed in Predator 2.
  • Reeger is never named in the film; his name is taken from the novelization.