The Red Xenomorphs were a faction of rebel Xenomorphs that had defied and opposed the "pure" black variants. The two sides eventually waged war against each other.


After the kidnapping of the Queen Mother on Xenomorph Prime, the planet's primary hive that once housed the ruler became distraught, with a horde of rebellious genetic hybrid Xenomorphs turning against the hive and escaping, forming their own one. Eventually, a Red Queen Mother was born, which quickly led to the formation of an army of thousands. Once the red Xenomorphs posed enough of a formidable threat to combat the primary hive, the faction waged war against their brethren to determine who would rule the planet.

The Red Xenomorphs were ultimately destroyed because the Red Queen Mother was obliterated by an expedition team led by Daniel Grant with the help of nuclear weapons, which was done in order to help their rivals win the war as part of a plan to get royal jelly from the others.


  • The Red Xenomorphs can be seen as the same as red ants. Red ants and black ants will fight to the death much like the black variation and red variation of the Xenomorphs.
  • NECA released a Genocide 2-pack with a Red Xenomorph Warrior and a normal black Xenomorph Warrior.
  • NECA released a Genocide 2-pack with two original creations; the Red Big Chap and the Red Dog Alien concept figures.
  • Eaglemoss Collections released a figurine of a Red Xenomorph Drone with an original design.
  • The Minimates "Resurrection Xenomorph" figure of a Cloned Xenomorph has a red body and black carapace that makes it look like the NECA Red Big Chap.
  • The canceled Aliens: Crucible game would have featured a Red Xenomorph Queen.




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