"Ray, anything?"
"Negative. I'm going to make a final pass by the ridge."
"Alright, keep in touch, otherwise I'll see you in the morning."
―Sheriff Morales and Ray (from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem)

Deputy Ray Adams[1] was a member of the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office.[2] In 2004, he became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Ray was killed and skinned by Wolf while searching for Buddy and Sam Benson in the forest surrounding the town.


Prior to infestation[]

Prior to the Xenomorph infestation of Gunnison, Ray became friends with Eddie Morales[5] and joined the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office.

Gunnison infestation[]

After Buddy and Sam Benson went missing in a forest in Gunnison, Colorado in 2004, Officer Ray Adams participated in the search for them. When most of the searchers began leaving, Morales radioed Ray to ask him if he had found anything. Although Ray's answer was "Negative.", he told Morales that he was going to make a final pass by the ridge. Continuing his search, Ray discovered the Yautja Wolf using Dissolving Liquid to dissolve the bodies of Sam, Buddy and the dead Facehuggers that had impregnated them, and Ray quickly hid behind a tree. Ray observed Wolf for a moment, but was discovered by the Predator when his handheld transceiver picked up "All units, report in."

Ray appeared to try and silence the transceiver, but noticing he was discovered, appeared to instead try and reach for his handgun. Wolf extended his Wristblades, cloaked and flashed his eyes blue and Ray attempted to flee, but the Predator quickly caught up and impaled him. His body was later skinned and hung upside down from a tree.

Search for Ray[]

Sheriff Morales and Deputy Joe Wallace later set out to find a number of missing Gunnison residents, including Ray.[1] While searching, they noticed a strong, foul smell and followed it, soon coming upon Ray's bloody cell phone and battered belt.[1] Both looked up[1] and found Ray's body.[5] Ray's body was then taken to the Gunnison morgue, where Dr. Lennon preformed a preliminary autopsy on it.[6] Lennon determined that whatever could have skinned Ray so thoroughly and hung him like a trophy from so high a tree defied imagining.[6] Ray's body was presumably obliterated when Gunnison was bombed with a 200 kiloton nuclear weapon.



The patch Ray wore on his sleeve.

Ray wore a standard Gunnison County Sheriff's Office hat with a patch on it and a jacket with a Gunnison County Sheriff's Office patch on the left shoulder and a badge on the left chest area. When searching for Buddy and Sam, Ray used a flashlight and a handheld transceiver (or 'walkie-talkie'), which, given the way Ray reaches to his right appearing to try and silence it, was carried on the right side of his belt. He also appeared to carry a handgun holstered on the left side of his belt, likely a 2nd Generation Glock 17 (as Sheriff Morales also carried one).



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