"A heavy siege Alien, the Ravager has bladed limbs that can tear through starship hulls. Unlike other aliens, the Ravager kills its prey outright."
Ravager description (from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction)

The Ravager is a Xenomorph caste, an evolved form of the Praetorian. Unlike other Xenomorphs, it is a hyper-aggressive killing machine with absolutely no interest in capturing victims alive to act as hosts for more Xenomorphs.



A ravager, among Drones, Warriors and Predaliens.

The Ravager is presumed to be the Xenomorph evolutionary response to the heavier military equipment brought to bear by the sentient species they have encountered. This massive beast towers above other Aliens and is a uniquely terrifying presence in battle. Instead of hands, its upper extremities terminate in "hull blades" capable of slicing through the hulls of starcraft and other advanced metals.


Average Ravager

Physically, the Ravager is massive, standing just as tall if not taller than a Queen. Despite being a "purebreed" Xenomorph, it bears a striking resemblance to its much smaller Warrior siblings, both castes reflecting colors on the blue spectrum with touches of green. Its most distinctive features are its heavily armored shoulders and its hull blades.

The Ravager is arguably one of the most powerful Xenomorphs encountered, able to best the strongest combat units of the USCM and the Yautja, including heavy combat equipment such as the Exosuit. Even against its own kind, Ravagers have been seen to decapitate most rival Xenomorphs with just one, two, or perhaps three swipes from their blades. They are also incredibly durable, coming second only to the Queen, although physically they are stronger. [2].


Colossal Ravager


A Colossal Ravager

Ravagers can themselves further evolve into Colossal Ravagers, whereby they develop a hard chitinous shell that deflects even medium caliber weapons fire, as well as the ability to perform a rapid internal restorative process called regenesis. Regenesis causes a severely damaged Ravager to enter a cataleptic state instead of dying. If a cataleptic Ravager avoids sufficient additional damage, it rapidly rebuilds itself and returns to battle, albeit at around half strength. Fire and extreme terminal damage can prevent regenesis.

Ravagers also develop an extra set of Dorsal tubes and an appendage on the cranium. These features appear to be purely cosmetic, as they are not mentioned or said to affect the creature's proficiency in battle.

Role in the Hive

Since Ravagers are not fit for growing the Xenomorph numbers and evolved as a response to opposition by heavily armed prey items, the Ravager could be considered the Xenomorph equivalent of high security and heavy weaponry. They can take out the most heavily armed of targets and wherever they are stationed, enemies rarely make it past them alive. Depending on what the Hive needs, Ravagers can be the perfect offensive or defensive Xenomorphs.


  • In-game, Ravager blades shine as if metallic while idle and sometimes before striking. This could indicate its hull blades are some sort of biometal.
  • The Ravager, unlike other Xenomorphs, has a deep, bass-like roar that can be heard when it attacks.
  • The Ravager is the only other Xenomorph in the game shown to be strong enough to best a Queen. Its only match is another Ravager or perhaps a Predator Vanguard.
  • Ravagers move in a more bipedal, human-like fashion, albeit they do have a slight waddle to their walk, likely on account of the heavy hull blades. Other aliens, the Queen included, have a bestial hunch.
  • The intelligence of the Praetorian carries over to the Ravager. Instead of attacking wildly and blindly, the Ravager deliberately target weak points on its opponents for maximum damage.
  • The sound effect when the Ravager strikes is identical to the sound the Newborn made when it killed the Cloned Queen.
  • Despite having developed from a Praetorian, the Ravager's cranium is more similar to that of a Warrior instead of the broad-crested Praetorian.

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