"A heavy siege Alien, the Ravager has bladed limbs that can tear through starship hulls. Unlike other aliens, the Ravager kills its prey outright."
Ravager description (from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction)

The Ravager is a Xenomorph caste and one evolutionary finality of the Praetorian, particulary those found on LV-742. Unlike other Xenomorphs, it is a hyper-aggressive killing machine with absolutely no interest in capturing victims alive to act as hosts for more Xenomorphs.


Physiology and Biology

A Ravager and a Queen.

The standard ravager is a massive form of the Xenomorph, towering above it's smaller siblings and even over the notably larger Praetorian. It is presumed to be the Xenomorph evolutionary response to heavy munitions brought to bear by prey species; as such, it has a mesoskeleton that can resist small and medium caliber weapons and it is one of the few aliens that has some resistance to fire.

Ravager blades, reflecting light.

It is one of the only Xenomorphs to stand at a similar height to a Queen Xenomorph, possessing her same defensive attributes in regards to mesoskeletal integrity. Over all, the Ravager resembles an oversized mature Drone, complete with blue-ish shell, dorsal tubes, and a tail blade, however it's hull blades set it solidly apart from most other known casts, excepting perhaps the Mantis Alien. Even so, the Ravager's upper extremities terminate into proper blades, which are made of diamond-hard Chitin and capable of shredding starcraft. There is said to be no metal capable of withstanding the strength of the Ravager's cleaves or the sharpness with which the blades cut. These blades are heavy, so much so that the creature itself waddles somewhat with the weight of them as it walks. The blades themselves have a metallic sheen that reflects conspicously in the light.

Colossal Resilience

A Colossal Ravager.

An adapted Ravager, called a Colossal Ravager, is more dangerous still. It's bodily resistance mirrors that of the War Empress, with a tougher carapace and even greater fire resistance. It develops a noticably more bulky shell around it's shoulders which resemble pauldrons. It also develops some ornamental features on the cranial carapace and an extra set of dorsal spines, numbering at six instead of the previous four. Being such a large creature and lacking dexterous hands, the Ravager is severely limited with regard to kinetic ability, even in comparison to the similarly limited Praetorian. The Colossal Ravager also develops an ability remniscent of the Warrior's Onslaught genome adaptation. When slain, it enters a state called Regenesis instead of dying and can return to battle at half strength after a brief moment in this cataleptic state. However, fire and extreme damage such as decapitation prevent regenesis. Further damage in this state can also result in death.

While other aliens hiss and screech, the Ravager has a deep barking-roar; it often punctuates each attack with this roar-bark. It's sole weapon seems to be it's blades; presumably it has an inner jaw and teeth with which to bite, as well as barbed tail but does not, or perhaps cannot, use these weapons due to it's physiology.


Ravagers evolve from Praetorians at a considerable cost to the hive's resources. However, Praetorians must be adapted for speciated metamorphosis before evolution can take place. When a hive has considerable threats levied against it, the adaptation will take place at the command of a Queen. However, a hive must have a Queen first in order for a ravager to exist, as the species will prioritize royal transformation over all else.

Role In The Hive

"The Ravager excels at dismantling anything it encounters, even heavily armored targets."
― Bestiary, Extinction

Ravager vs Vanguard.

Two Ravagers duel a Ravager and Carrier during a Hive War.

The Ravager is the adaptive Xenomorph response to advanced weaponry brought against the hive by enemies. They have so far only been observed on LV-742, typically in mature and well established hives. Queens of the planet began adapting them after being captured and outnumbered by humans, after being kidnapped by Yautja forced, and during the final war with the K-Series aliens. However, they are also simply present in outsized hives, as the Predalien Queen was known to have had several in her brood. Ravagers are perhaps the only alien unconcerned with the expansion of the horde, killing enemies outright with it's blades by decapitating them. This makes them a poor offensive choice when the hive is in need of hosts, as they actively hamper numbers, but in times of war the Ravager is an asset and a force that smaller swarm castes such as Warriors and Predaliens can rally around.

The Ravager works well as both an offensive and defensive unit against all types of enemies. It can even outmatch a Queen Alien one to one and can be used to devastating effect on enemy aliens during hive wars.




  • It is possible that "hive resources" could be Royal Jelly, as it is known to force Xenormophs to evolve into larger forms.
  • The Ravager notably seems to incorporate metal in it's biology, similar to the Crusher, which ingests metal in order to evolve.
  • The Ravager is the only known naturally occuring Xenomorph that can outmatch a Queen.
  • It is unknown what type of classification a Ravager would have been. Evolving from a Praetorian would typically make it stage 6, but the unique maturation process of LV-742 Praetorians may actually make it a stage 4 xenomorph.