"Take it."
Greyback, giving Harrigan the flintlock (from Predator 2)

Raphael Adolini 1715 refers to a Spanish-made flintlock pistol manufactured in 1715, owned by the pirate captain Raphael Adolini. Ornately detailed, it featured an engraved plate on its left side which read "Raphael Adolini 1715".

In 1718, Adolini's crew rebelled against him, resulting in the captain being fatally shot. As he was dying, he gave the pistol to the Yautja Greyback, who helped him in the fight. In 1997, Greyback gave the pistol to Lieutenant Mike Harrigan after he killed the City Hunter.


18th century

In the 18th century, the flintlock was used by Captain Raphael Adolini, who commanded a small band of pirates. Dropping anchor at an island in Guinea in 1718, Adolini suddenly faced mutiny over a stolen case of gold which his crew had stolen from a church. Adolini wanted the gold returned, much to the anger of his crew who turned against him. In the following battle, a watching Yautja joined the fray and fought back-to-back with Adolini, attacking the rebellious crew with an extendable sword.

After all of the crew were seemingly dead, the Predator and captain were about to battle each other when Adolini was suddenly shot in the back by the last member of his crew, who was in hiding.

Denied his trophy, the Yautja angrily blasted the final crewman to death. As he was dying, Adolini gave Greyback his flintlock, saying 'take it...'. With the captain dead, the Yautja took a moment to think about the battle, and left the deceased Adolini his extendable sword, repeating 'Take it.'



The inscription on Adolini's pistol.

In 1997, the City Hunter, a member of Greyback's clan, went on a hunt in Los Angeles, successfully killing multiple members of the Colombian Scorpions, the Jamaican Voodoo Posse, the OWLF and the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as armed civilians, while the rest of the clan stayed inside their Mother Ship, hidden under an apartment building. The City Hunter's killings attracted the attention of Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, who eventually chased the Yautja into the clan's Mother Ship and killed him with his own Smart Disc.

Harrigan was subsequently approached by Greyback and his clan's members. Despite his expectations that they would assault him, they did not. After picking up the City Hunter's corpse, the clan members left, but Greyback stayed behind, grabbed the flintlock pistol from his belt and threw it to Harrigan, telling him to 'take it'.

Behind the scenes

The prop flintlock pistol used in Predator 2 was a commercially available non-firing replica from the Spanish manufacturer Denix, made in cast pot metal and hardwood. The external miquelet mainspring and full-cock sear were purely decorative, as the replica used the same internal dry-fire mechanism as the other Denix models. It was reportedly customized for the movie by Keystone Arsenal Replicas. Modifications appear limited to the removal of the original die-cast sideplate and fabrication of the oversized engraved sheet metal replacement.