Raphael Adolini was a pirate and the captain of a pirate galleon. In 1718, whilst in search of lost treasure off of the Guinea Coast, Africa, Adolini and his crew encountered a Predator that slaughtered many of the crew.


As Adolini and his crew set foot on the island they encountered a Yautja which they referred to as the "Golden Angel". Although this Yautja initially hunted Adolini's men indiscriminately, once his crew betrayed him to take the treasure themselves, the creature assisted Adolini in killing them off. However, Adolini was mortally wounded in the battle, and gifted the Yautja with his personal flintlock pistol before dying. The creature then proceeded to bury Adoloni out of respect before leaving Earth. In the year 1997 Adolini's pistol was gifted by the same Predator to LAPD officer Mike Harrigan as a reward for having managed to kill one of their own clan. The inscription on the pistol read Raphael Adolini 1715.

Behind the Scenes

The first reference to Adolini was in the film Predator 2. The story of Adolini appeared in the short story Predator: 1718 which was part of the anthology comic A Decade of Dark Horse #1.




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