"What the fuck are you doing now, man? You're fucking crazy!"
Vega (from Predator 2)

Ramon Vega was the biggest drug dealer in East Los Angeles[2] in the late twentieth century. He was a major player in the Colombian Scorpions organization.

He was killed when a group of Jamaican Voodoo Posse members, led by Gold Tooth, broke into his apartment and ritualistically murdered him.


Born in Bogota, Colombia, Vega had an impoverished upbringing, spending much of his early life on the streets, begging and stealing to survive.[1] He soon turned to crime, eventually moving to the United States of America and building himself up to be one of the most powerful drug barons in the city. As the leader of the Colombian Scorpions' operations in East L.A., Vega was a powerful and fabulously wealthy figure in the Los Angeles drug scene. He owned a luxurious high-rise apartment and would regularly socialize with the city's rich and famous, including many Hollywood celebrities.[1]


Vega's corpse.

In 1997, while in his apartment making love to his mistress, several members of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse burst in, led by Gold Tooth, and they strung him up, naked, by his ankles from the ceiling. As the Jamaicans began a ritual designed to strip him of his spiritual power as well as his life, Vega begged for mercy, even offering money in exchange for a chance to flee the city. The Jamaicans were not interested, and after telling him that "shit happens", Gold Tooth cut out his heart.



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