R. David "Dave" Smith is an American actor and stunt performer who played the Predator in the 1990 film Predator 2,[1][2] although he was not credited for the role. Other notable films Smith has appeared in include A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001).

The first one-armed Hollywood stuntman, having been born missing his left arm just below the elbow,[2] Smith portrayed the Predator after the creature's arm is sliced off by Harrigan (Danny Glover).[1][2] Aside from his acting work, he is the executive director of the non-profit organization Stunts-Ability.[2] In 1998, Smith was awarded "The Governor's Trophy", the highest honor given to a Californian with a disability, for outstanding achievement in the workplace by making a significant contribution to increase public awareness of the experience of disability, automatically inducting into the California Hall of Fame for Persons with Disabilities. Smith has also been honored with a "Cable Ace Award", "The A&E City Video Award" and two Emmy nominations for his work as the executive producer of Outlook on the Physically Challenged.[2]


Predator 2

David Smith in Predator costume with mask off

Smith in the Predator costume.[1]

In Predator 2, Smith, who was living in San Diego at the time,[1] portrayed the Predator as it slid down the 12[2] to 13-story building[1] after Harrigan sliced its arm off with the Predator's disc weapon. During the stunt, which the crew considered "a high-risk situation", Smith did not use an airbag and the only thing keeping him from crashing to the ground was a device called a descender rig, which consisted of a thin wire.[2]


Year Title Notes
1983 Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
1989 Fletch Lives
1990 Predator 2 Uncredited
1991 Showdown in Little Tokyo With Jim Ishida
1994 T-Force
1997 Mars
2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence


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