R. Barker[1] was an executive for the Seegson Corporation stationed aboard Sevastopol Station.[2] He was in charge of the cargo shipping operations on the station.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Original role

The released version of Alien: Isolation includes only passing references to Barker — specifically, a single archive log sent by him, in which he protests at being attended to by a Working Joe during a visit to San Cristobal, and the patient list found on a whiteboard in the medical center, which includes his name. (This is the same whiteboard that the player must read during mission 5 to help them find Dr. Morley.) However, script files within the game pertaining to an earlier and greatly expanded version of the story reveal that he originally played a crucial — albeit passive — role in the game's plot.

Several days after the Anesidora arrives at Sevastopol and unwittingly unleashes a Xenomorph infestation on the station (and before the presence of the creatures is known to the public), Barker throws a large party in his apartment, during which he begins suffering from severe chest pains and dizziness. Fearing a possible heart attack, he heads to San Cristobal to seek medical treatment. Upon arriving, he complains at being treated by a Working Joe rather than a human — something he considers inappropriate for an individual of his status. At some point while he is in the hospital receiving treatment, he is impregnated with a Chestburster. Dr. Kuhlman subsequently performs unauthorized surgery on Barker in an attempt to remove the parasite, hoping to learn how he may safely remove the Chestburster that is growing in his own body. However, he is caught in the act by Dr. Morley, a struggle ensues and Barker dies on the operating table.

Some time later, Amanda Ripley requires the use of a Seegson executive shuttle to reach the Corporate Penthouses; as Barker's shuttle is still docked at San Cristobal, she heads there to commandeer it. However, she learns that it requires a security keycard to operate. After searching the hospital's medical records, she finds Barker's corpse and with it his personal effects, including his keycard.

Cristobal staff list

The whiteboard in San Cristobal, on which Barker is listed as a patient.

This entire section of the game — in which Ripley pursues a fugitive Marlow around Sevastopol — was cut when Isolation underwent significant rewrites about a year prior to release. The only references to Barker that remain in the finished product are his single archive log and the whiteboard in San Cristobal.


  • The games files contain two unused models relating to Barker (a statue and a cigar packet).
  • An unused archive log from Morley mentions that the cause of Barker's death was cardiac arrest. Barker is also mentioned in another unused archive log, which states that his wife is trying to find him as he hasn't shown up at Lingard's temporary field hospital.



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