Quinn McKenna is a United States Army sniper.

In The Predator

He was first seen wearing a ghillie suit and sniped someone till he saw the crashing ship,he went to the crashed ship and found a Bio-Mask,till he encountered the Predator,but he managed to escape,he is later bussed with The Loonies and meeting up with Casey Bracket when the Fugitive Predator escaped.

Later he went back home to see the Bio Mask but it's gone,actually his son weared the mask in the Halloween Party,later they encounter the Hellhound-like Predator Dogs

Lastly they killed the Ultimate Predator.


"We're Rangers. Isn't posing a threat kind of the fucking point?"
―Quinn to his psychiatrist



  1. McKenna's actor's (Boyd Holbrook) height is 6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm), so that is also how tall McKenna would have been.