Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw is a 2012 short film directed by Johnny Hardstaff[1] and starring Noomi Rapace. Created as part of the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus, the film is a video message from Elizabeth Shaw to Peter Weyland in which she requests a meeting to discuss her proposed mission to contact the Engineers.


After introducing herself and apologising for her persistent attempts at contacting Weyland, Dr. Shaw raises some of the grand unanswered questions facing humanity — including what happens after death, the purpose of man's existence, where we came from and whether we are alone in the universe. She goes on to explain that she believes she has found a place where these questions can be answered, but that she needs Weyland and his vast resources to get there. Finally, she politely requests a meeting in person so that they can discuss her findings.

The entire video is represented in split-screen — Shaw's original transmission can be seen on the right half of the screen, while on the left advanced facial recognition software is run on the footage to ascertain if Shaw's identity is legitimate. Notably, the video is marked with the logo of the Yutani Corporation.



The video footage used to create the Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw film was in fact taken from Noomi Rapace's screen test.[2] This was then altered and augmented in post-production to create the finished short film.


The video was originally released on May 16, 2012 through the Verizon FiOS Facebook page,[3] as part of the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus.

Home video release

Following its initial online release, the short film was included as a bonus feature on the Prometheus Blu-ray, as well as in the Collector's Edition Blu-ray set.


  • In reality, the term "quiet eye" refers to a theoretical technique reported to improve outcomes in tasks requiring human visual attention, first proposed by Professor Joan Vickers of Calgary University.[2] Vickers shares her name with Meredith Vickers from Prometheus; whether this is intentional or coincidence is not known.


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