The Queen Mother, also referred to as the Mother Queen,[1] is a large form of the species Xenomorph XX121 that serves as the supreme controlling force of the species; even Queens are subordinate to them. Queen Mothers have only been encountered on Xenomorph Prime, where they were protected by Palatines.


Similar to regular Queens in many respects, Queen Mothers likewise serve as Egg-layers and the overseers of Hives. In the latter respect they are essentially the supreme ruling force in the Xenomorph hierarchy, superior even to other Queens. Compared to regular Queens, they generally control far larger numbers of subordinate Xenomorphs — tens of even hundreds of thousands.

Physically, Queen Mothers are distinct from other high-ranking Xenomorph castes in that they do not possess a large, impressive head crest; in fact, their craniums bear closer resemblance to the elongated, sleek shape of the common Drone. The skull often features a single line of spines on the dorsal surface, while the creature also has elongated spines on its back. Queen Mothers also appear to have several tentacle-like appendages flanking their mouths, much like the Rogue created by Professor Kleist.


Perhaps the most remarkable capability possessed by the Queen Mother compared to common Queens is its extraordinarily powerful telepathic capabilities, allowing her to command vast armies of Xenomorphs, even those on distant planets across the vastness of space. This telepathy has also be shown to affect humans, inducing nightmares and otherwise "communicating" with them; there are several documented cases of individuals suffering nightmares about the Xenomorphs before ever having encountered them, and many of these instances have been linked to interfereance by Queen Mothers.


A Queen Mother's nest consists of six orb-like chambers arranged around a central orb in which they reside. Within these orbs is found the prized Royal Jelly.


Alien Queen vs Queen

The "pure" black Queen Mother and the rebel Red Queen Mother declare war against each other.


The Queen Mother emerges, as Ripley blames her for everything that happened to her.

The first Queen Mother was kidnapped by Ellen Ripley in the novel Aliens: The Female War which led to complete and utter chaos on the Hiveworld. While a Warrior was morphing into a new Queen Mother to take the original's place, several deviant Drones designated as "red Drones" by the humans were born and rebelled against the primary Hive.

Soon after countering a Hive consisting of the red Drones led by the Red Queen Mother in the comic Aliens: Genocide, massive warfare begun between the two subspecies over the genetic abnormalities. A unit of Colonial Marines were sent to the Hiveworld to retrieve the Queen mother's prized Royal Jelly in order to synthesize a highly addictive drug called Xeno-Zip. The crew decided to nuke the Red Queen Mother's Hive to distract the Drones of the original nest while the Royal Jelly was being extracted. The remaining Queen Mother was shot after killing a scientist during the extraction.


  • The Queen Mother's size is incredibly inconsistent, as they constantly change between comics and even in the same issue too.
    • Although presented as gigantic in its revealing panel, the Queen Mother in Aliens: Female War seems to be roughly the same size as the average Queen in later panels.
    • In the first issue of Aliens: Genocide, both Queen Mothers are clearly far larger than Queens and Empresses. However in the fourth issue, the black Queen Mother is no larger than a normal Xenomorph.
    • NECAs Red Queen Mother is also the same size as their Queen figure though this is probably simply due to the fact that the figure is a retool of their Queen figure, even including the large crest of the Queen.



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