"The queen of the queens, the driving force behind the whole goddamned species."
Ellen Ripley, Alien Omnibus Volume One

The Queen Mothers[1], also called Mother Queen[1], Supermother[2], Hive Mother[3], Uber-Queen [4], and Genetrix[5] is the rarest type of hive monarch and arguably the rarest type of Xenomorph. While there have been many Queens, and fewer Empresses, only a handful of Queen Mothers have been known to exist. As their names suggest, Queen Mothers are leaders of Queen Aliens and can directly breed other Queen Mothers from special eggs as well as typical Queens. Occasionally, they are simply referred to as Queens.




The Queen Mother is referred to as a "royal giantess", dwarfing Empresses and Queens utterly in size and weight. While her royal comb is not as impressive as other hive monarchs, it is said to be as large as an industrial power loader.[6] The beast herself is said to be a total of about 16 meters long, or 52 feet.[7] Other sources depict them as bigger still; while a typical Queen dwarfs an Ovomorph by a factor of five, the Queen Mother is shown to do so by perhaps tens more. She could easily hold a cluster of eggs in one massive claw if she desired and sheer a M577 in half with her talons just as easily.[8] Queen Mothers have four arms, a row of sharp dorsal spines, and a jaw full of metallic teeth fitter with a deadly inner jaw. The variance in size between individuals of the caste could be due to age and respective hive size, as Xenomorph Monarchs grow conversly with their broods.

She has a thick tail, with a broad blade able to shear through an entire fireteam of marines. Unique among other Xenomorphs, the Queen also has tendril likes projections lining either side of her deadly jaws.


"They had made it to Earth with a psychic alien queen to—they hoped—obliterate the infestation there; they had lost three people, and their leader had developed an aversion to leading. Every bug on the planet would be after their asses once they set down."
― Wilk's musings (Alien Omnibus Volume 2)

Despite being so large, Queen Mothers are physically and even telepathically capable. They can run and pounce, but they can also penetrate the minds of humans, using emotional attatchments and promises of love and affection to lure them to their dooms. Queen Mothers can even enter dreams, where they attempt to use their telepathy to influence behavior or otherwise communicate information, wants, and desires.


"When a hive reaches a massive number of xenomorphs inhabiting it, a Queen will often grow into what is known as a Hive Mother. The ultimate transformation of the xenomorph species, this creature is able in control an entire world’s population of the aliens."
― AVP: Unleashed

The new black Queen Mother, hatching after The Bitch is kidnapped.

Queen mothers have been said to come into being by growing from an existing Queen, presumably with the Empress variant as an intermediary form. This evolution is driven by the size of the hive, which drives the size of the Queen, which in turn influences the virility of the hive in a vicious cycle. Eventually, this growth results in a Queen Mother xenomorph. However, if a hive is already large and had a previous Queen Mother who is killed or removed, she her place will be usurped by another Queen Mother. That Queen mother, however, may very well have to battle any Queens vying for the spot, as the death of her the Mother Queen will cue any Praetorians to molt and take her spot.

Elite Guards, preparing to escort the Red Queen Egg.

Palantine and the egg of the Red Queen Mother

However, Queen Mothers do not need to evolve from lower stages. They are, notably, the only caste of Xenomorph that can hatch into a Chestburster stage from special Queen Mother eggs. However, this particular kind of egg seems the only be able to be laid by another Queen Mother. The Mother burster is much more developed than even a Queen Chestburster, emerging from it's egg with arms, chitinous spikes, and even a crest.

Role In The Hive[]

Queen Mothers rule hives, and typically the hives they rule are massive: continent or even planet-wide. They are said to be able to control every Xenomorph on the planet, including other lesser forms of Hive Monarch, earning them the moniker of "Leader of Queens". Queen Mothers can produce Xenomorphs at unprecedented rates from their overly large ovipositors. Millions can be born from the Queen mother alone in just a few years, not to mention from her subordinate Queens. As Linchpin of the hive, simple Praetorian guards will not do to protect a Queen Mother. Instead, the Queen mother has Queen-sized drones called Elite Guards to ensure her safety.

Known Individuals[]


  • The Queen Mother's size is incredibly inconsistent, as they constantly change between comics and even in the same issue too.
    • Although presented as gigantic in its revealing panel, the Queen Mother in Aliens: Female War seems to be roughly the same size as the average Queen in later panels.
    • In the novel, Aliens: The Female War, the first Queen Mother is described as being over 14 meters in length including her tail, with a skull at least 2 meters in length. This is roughly comparable to regular Queens.
    • In the first issue of Aliens: Genocide, both Queen Mothers are clearly far larger than Queens and Empresses. However, in the fourth issue, the black Queen Mother is no larger than a normal Xenomorph.
    • NECA's Red Queen Mother is also the same size as their Queen figure though this is probably simply due to the fact that the figure is a retool of their Queen figure, even including the large crest of the Queen.
  • The Queen Mother in Aliens: Female War has no arms, merely thin tendrils coming from her shoulders, but the Queen Mothers in Aliens: Genocide are seen to have rather large arms; this may be a sign that the earlier Queen Mother had been injured somehow.
    • However, in the novel adaptation of Female War, the Queen Mother is described as having large claws and hands.
  • In Yautja culture, 'Hive Mothers' are known as the 'ultimate prize', and entire Clans have perished in pursuit of the creatures.[9]



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