"With Satan at its center, spawning demons."
Selkirk, regarding the Queen (from Aliens: Salvation)

A Xenomorph Queen was the leader of a hive on the planet PCW9512, encountered by Selkirk of the Nova Maru. In his final hours, the Queen served as a symbolic fixture for survivor Selkirk, likening the creature to 'Satan' himself.


Following a Xenomorph outbreak on the freighter Nova Maru, the ship crash landed on the planet PCW9512. From there, a hive formed from the wreckage of the ship, and a Queen subsequently emerged.

After falling deep into the ships ruins, survivor Selkirk encountered the Queen, though she was unaware of his presence, allowing Selkirk to escape.

The Queen was killed after Selkirk activated the ship's emergency destruction system, obliterating him, the hive and all remaining life within the province.


  • Selkirk draws similarities between the Queen and Satan, due to the likeness of her lording over dead souls and entombed bodies. This is quite similar to the Bible's description of Hell.
  • The Queen is only seen in two panels of the entire comic.



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