"A Queen The breeding form. The egg layer. The bugs will protect their Queen."
Jill regarding the Queen (from Aliens: Life and Death)

A Xenomorph Queen was the leader of a Hive of mutated Xenomorphs on the moon LV-223. Due to its distinctions from normal Queens, it is unknown whether the Queen was born from a different creature on the moon, or whether the Queen was born from a human of the Onager, and simply mutated due to exposure to Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15.


The Queen was either born from one of the creatures native to the moon or was born from a human and later mutated from the black liquid.

Assault against the Xenos[]

During an ambush against a squad of Colonial Marines who found themselves on the moon, Rucker was taken by the Xenomorphs to the hive, in which he was cocooned. He encountered the Queen shortly afterwards, before being Facehugged.

After the Marines allied themselves with the survivors of the Geryon incident in an attempt to hijack the Juggernaut that had bought them there, survivor Chris Hanlock was later taken to the hive and then impregnated by a Queen Chestburster. The current Queen closely surveyed Chris to keep her safe from any trouble.

Captain Paget and the Marines of the Hasdrubal, as well as Chris' wife Jill, launched a rescue mission to retrieve Chris. Upon landing on the moon, they were ambushed by the Queen's Xenos. Chris managed to obtain a grenade and threatened to blow herself up unless the Queen pulled her forces. It reluctantly complied, and had the horde retreat.


The Queen attacks the Engineer.

Battle with the Engineer and Death[]

"You don't understand a word I'm saying -- but you understand threats, don't you? You understand threats!"
Chris Hanlock to the Queen (from Aliens: Life and Death)

The Marines were later attacked by an Engineer, who was awoken from stasis to purge all life on the moon. The Marines' dwindling forces tried to fight back, but were being swiftly overpowered by the being. Chris managed to convince the Queen that the Engineer was an incredibly dangerous threat to her, Chris and the hive, and to personally distinguish the threat.

As the Engineer began slowly approaching the hive, the Queen suddenly erupted from the ground beneath it and immediately attacked it. After an ensuing battle, the Queen managed to impale her tail through the Engineer as the Marines escaped the chaos and retreated to a nearby Engineer temple.

Despite this, the Engineer ultimately survived the melee, implying that the latter killed the Queen. With their Queen now dead, an army of Xenomorphs set out to the temple, hellbent on retrieving Chris and their new Queen.


Aliens Book Two 3

Aliens: Nightmare Asylum #3.

  • The Queen's appearance on the front cover of Aliens: Life and Death #4 is incredibly similar to that of the Queen depicted on the cover of Aliens: Nightmare Asylum #3; in fact, it is a virtual mirror image of it. This is quite possibly an intentional homage.