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The Prometheus short films are a series of short films created to promote the 2012 film Prometheus, as well as various related events and media releases.

A total of six films were produced, predominantly as part of the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus, although some of the shorts were created to promote various tie-in events and merchandise following the film's release. They were initially made available through a variety of online sites, with the first releasing through the official TED website on February 28, 2012.[1]

Short Films

The following short films were created as part of the Prometheus marketing campaign:


While discussing the Prometheus short films at the May 2012 Digital Hollywood conference, Damon Lindelof (writer of Prometheus and, along with director Ridley Scott and producer Michael Ellenberg, designer of the promotional short films) claimed that they originated from the question of the film's status as an Alien prequel. It was decided that creating videos with the film's stars would generate more interest than anything that could be said in regards to its connection to the Alien films.[2] Lindelof furthered that the challenge in creating the videos was that they needed to be good enough to justify their existence, but not so important that their absence from the finished cut of the film would be an issue for audiences. Ultimately, he likened the shorts to knowing the set list ahead of time when going to a concert. "It doesn't ruin the concert if you don't know the list, but if you do, it deepens the experience for you and gives you some extra street cred amongst die-hard fans of the band."[2]


The short films were released through a variety of online sources, sometimes involving a somewhat cryptic process to access — most notably, an early teaser version of the film Happy Birthday, David was made available exclusively to attendees at the Prometheus panel held at WonderCon 2012, via Weyland Corp business cards handed out at the event. Three of the shorts — Happy Birthday, David, Project Prometheus: Mission and Weyland Industries Testimonial — were released through YouTube, while the remaining films were initially released through other internet sites. However, all of the short films have subsequently been uploaded to YouTube by a variety of sources.

Home video release

The short films TED Conference, 2023, Happy Birthday, David, Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw and Prometheus Transmission were included on the Prometheus Blu-ray, as well as in the Collector's Edition Blu-ray set. These same four shorts were later also released as part of the Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution Blu-ray box set.

The remaining short films, Project Prometheus: Mission and Weyland Industries Testimonial, have only ever been released through YouTube and are not available on home video.

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