This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 2012 film Prometheus. Some of the sequences here never progressed past the early script or storyboard stages, while others were filmed before being cut during the editing process.

Note that scenes and sequences from the unused script by Jon Spaihts are not included here, as this was essentially a different (albeit structurally similar) story unrelated to the film that was made. Only scenes mentioned in the various drafts of Prometheus' shooting script are listed.


During principal photography for Prometheus, a fair amount more footage was filmed that was ultimately used in the theatrical release. Following the release of the film, there were rumors that an extended/alternate cut reinstating some of the the excised footage would be created for home video (similar to the alternate versions of each of the films in the Alien series). However, director Ridley Scott ultimately declined to create such a cut.[1]

Nevertheless, several of the film's deleted scenes have been made available separately on home video; in such instances, the release(s) on which they can be found have been noted in this article. Where applicable, the names of deleted scenes below have been taken from these DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Deleted Scenes

Arrival of the Engineers

The Engineers on Earth.

The original opening of the film was slightly longer and showed several Engineers instead of just one as in the final film. In the scene, an Elder hands the Sacrificial Engineer the dark liquid, while several other Engineers can be seen standing in the background. The sequence of the Sacrificial Engineer disintegrating is slightly extended, as is the footage of his DNA dividing in the water. This scene was cut to keep the Engineers more mysterious, but it can be found on the Blu-ray releases of the film. Footage was also filmed of the Elder Engineer speaking, but this is not included on the home video release.[2]


You're smiling...

Shaw smiles.

A small deleted moment on Earth shows Holloway walking up to Shaw and saying, "You're smiling..." This was to take place immediately before Shaw takes Holloway into the cave to show him what she has discovered.[3]

David alone

David takes a drink.

David was to be seen crying while he watched Lawrence of Arabia alone on the Prometheus, and later drinking a milky substance, similar to Ash in Alien.[3]

Weyland's dream

A scene cut before filming was to show David waking Weyland before the Prometheus reaches LV-223 and informing him that they were nearly there.[4] Weyland tells David not to wake him again until they have found what he is looking for (a live Engineer) and then goes back to sleep, at which point we enter Weyland's dream — David walks along a beautiful tropical beach, wearing his jumpsuit and a pair of sunglasses. He looks out to sea and watches a speedboat pull up to the shore.[4] The bikini-clad woman on board asks David if he is "here to see him", which David confirms, and the boat then takes David out to a huge luxury yacht where he finds five more beautiful women feeding a young Weyland grapes. The two men then have a brief conversation in which Weyland curses David for waking him prematurely.[4] The scene explains why Guy Pearce was hired to play an aged Weyland, as he was originally going to be seen as a younger version of the character as well.

Millburn and Fifield

Millburn examining his numb fingers.

A small extension to the scene where Millburn and Fifield first introduce themselves to each other on the Prometheus shows Millburn complaining that his fingers are still numb after waking from hypersleep, before pointing out that he'd never been in cryo for so long before. Fifield then responds that no one has been in hypersleep for such a long period of time before.[3]

T'is the season

Janek bringing a little Christmas spirit to the Prometheus.

The scene where Vickers walks into the room where Janek is decorating his little Christmas tree was shortened in the final cut. Missing are Vickers telling him that the mission briefing is about to start, but Janek replies that doesn't really care, he is only there to fly the ship. He then takes the tree into the main room, where several of the mercenaries are sitting, and puts it on the table, telling them, "T'is the season to be jolly, boys!" Finally, he hangs a small angel decoration on the tree.

An extra a shot of Janek holding the Christmas tree and saying, "Ho ho ho!" was also filmed, although this is missing from the version of the scene on the home video releases.[3]



Some dialogue between Shaw and Holloway was trimmed from the briefing scene, including Shaw saying, "They're gonna think we're crazy," before they give their presentation to the team. Holloway reassures her. Later, Fifield correctly identifies the star map, and there's an alternate shot of Shaw saying, "Not a map. An invitation."[3]

Holloway and Shaw

Shaw and Holloway fight.

After the briefing, Shaw complains to Holloway in a corridor aboard the Prometheus about the fact he did not back her up during the meeting.[3]

Landing sequence

The sequence where the Prometheus enters LV-223's atmosphere and comes in to land was planned to be far more dramatic. As originally envisaged, the planet's surface was to have been littered with erupting volcanoes, and the Prometheus would have had to maneuver between the ash plumes as it came in to land.[5]

Prometheus has landed

Janek was filmed on the bridge as he says, "Prometheus has landed," when the ship sets down on LV-223.[3] In the film he is heard saying this off-screen.

Our first alien

Millburn bags an alien.

In this added scene, Millburn discovers an indigenous worm in some black liquid. He's enthusiastic about it as mankind has never discovered extraterrestrial life larger than bacteria before, and he puts one of the creatures into a container to study back on the ship.

This footage expands on Millburn's character, helping to explain why he so brazenly interacts with the Hammerpede later on, and also makes it clear that the worms are indigenous creatures to LV-223 and that the dark liquid is responsible for mutating them.


Sweetest air

After Holloway has removed his helmet and sampled the air he says, "That's the sweetest air I've ever tasted."[3]

The bowl

Holloway finds the bowl.

Instead of finding a green crystal in the "Head Room", Holloway finds a ceremonial bowl, the same as the one used by the Sacrificial Engineer at the beginning of the film.[3]

David smiling

David studies the liquid.

Footage was removed of David smiling while observing the black goo oozing from one of the vases. There is also behind the scenes footage of him tasting/smelling a piece before looking around.[3]


Millburn inspects the skin.

This scene picks up with Millburn and Fifield in a tunnel after they have left the other group. They discover a shed skin on the ground which Millburn picks up. Presumably, this is the skin from a Hammerpede.


We're not alone any more

Shaw talks to the ship's crew.

A scene was shot where Shaw tells the Prometheus crew a story an ancient African myth about how the world came to be created. She goes on to explain that she has spent her whole life looking for what they have found — life on another planet — and that humanity is no longer alone. She raises a toast with the crew, and then has a brief discussion with Janek about how she almost died going to retrieve the Engineer head when the storm hit the ship. Holloway then cuts in with some disparaging and vituperative remarks, angered by the fact they have come so far only to find the creatures are all dead.


Strange bedfellows

Shaw and Holloway fight again.

An earlier alternate take of Shaw and Holloway arguing in their room made the scene more confrontational. Holloway enters while Shaw is watching a video of the Engineer holograms, and Shaw chastises him for being drunk. They talk about the video and theorize what might have happened to the creatures, and what they might have been running away from. Shaw mentions the head they inspected and why it might have exploded, theorizing that a virus or genetic infection wiped out the Engineers, but Holloway replies that he doesn't care, still upset because he was hoping to find more on the planet. Finally he laments that the Engineers aren't Gods at all, and that humanity was merely their experiment. He then asks Shaw why she came on the mission, before remarking that she came to ask God why He took her mother and father. Shaw angrily slaps him and tries to run out of the room, but Holloway grabs her. She struggles briefly before they start kissing.


Holloway hungover

Holloway feels unwell.

The scene where Holloway discovers something in his eye is slightly extended in this deleted scene. After speaking to Janek over the radio, Shaw goes over to Holloway and tenderly asks him if he is okay. Holloway says he thinks he is hungover.


David and the Engineer suit

While exploring the Juggernaut alone, David was to stop and take a look at one of the Engineer suits.[3]

David's objective

David explores the Engineer temple.

An brief added scene showed David exploring one of the tunnels in the Engineer complex when Vickers contacts him over the radio from the Prometheus. She warns him that the infected Holloway is at risk of contaminating the ship, before asking if he has located his objective. David says he has and that it's now time (to wake Weyland).


Changing into what?

An alternate shot was filmed of Vickers saying, "Changing into what?"[3]

Janek fills Vickers in

Janek comes to console Vickers.

After Vickers kills Holloway, she is sitting alone in her room, clearly distressed by what has happened. Janek visits her but she turns him away, telling him (seeing the two cups in his hands) that she isn't in the mood for coffee, to which Janek responds, "It's a good thing it's rum, then." She relents and lets him in, and he begins telling her a story about when he was in the military to take her mind off of Holloway. He talks about a particular operation he was on where scientists were working on some secret weapon in a secure compound at the base where he was stationed. One day things went wrong and an emergency evacuation was ordered, and as Janek made his escape he saw the scientists were still locked inside the compound, screaming to be let out. After boarding an evacuation ship and flying away, he saw the officer on board detonate a bomb that obliterated the compound "just 'cause some idiot spilt something". Finally Janek points out the relevance of the story to Vickers — the same thing happened to the Engineers on the moon. They made a terrible weapon, but it got out and killed them all.

David and Chance then interrupt over the radio and tell Janek about some seismic and thermal activity they have detected below the moon's surface about a kilometer away. David then asks Vickers, "Is he awake?" (referring to Weyland), leading Janek to question who they are talking about, but David tells him it is not his concern. This sequence would have added additional background to Janek's decision to sacrifice himself by crashing the Prometheus into the escaping Juggernaut at the end of the film.


Shaw crying

Shaw prays.

Shots of Shaw crying and clasping her hands as if she might be praying were featured prominently in several of the trailers for Prometheus, but do not appear anywhere in the film itself.[3]

David and Mr. Weyland

David offers Weyland a pill.

There are some shots of David in which he appears to be giving Weyland a pill to swallow.[3]

A king has his reign

Vickers and Weyland talk.

This extended scene shows David and Ford helping Peter Weyland into his body brace when Vickers enters. Weyland remarks that the last time they spoke, she said he was nothing but a silly old fool chasing fairytales. He sends David and Ford out. Now alone, Vickers tells him that she is truly sorry and that she came to say goodbye, as she is convinced he will die if he goes to visit the Engineer. Weyland comments that she has a very negative outlook, to which Vickers responds, "Maybe you should look at the thing squealing next door and tell me how positive you feel..." referring to the Trilobite. She then rather coldly surmises that a king has his reign and then he dies. She tells him she used to respect and look up to him, but now she sees him as nothing more than a scared old man.


Fifield attacks

Fifiled's original mutated appearance.

Originally, the mutated Fifield creature had a very different design, featuring a bulbous head covered in some form of translucent membrane; the early design bears some similarities to that of the Xenomorph Drone.

Additionally, the scene where Fifield attacks the Prometheus originally took place later in the film, when Weyland and his mercenaries head out to see the surviving Engineer (thus explaining the goof in the film whereby several mercenaries are killed during the attack only to reappear in Weyland's room later).[3] It was also originally Shaw who ran Fifield down in the RT transport, as can be glimpsed in the film's trailer.


Kill everything!

Another brief shot showed Janek shouting, "Kill everything! You copy?" This seemingly took place during Fifield's attack on the Prometheus.[3]

Shaw and Janek

When Janek talks to Shaw in her cabin, a brief extension showed her telling him, "I came here for answers. I'd rather die with those answers than leave without them."[3]

You were a terrible lay

"You were a terrible lay, by the way."

When Vickers realizes Janek intends to crash the Prometheus into the fleeing Engineer ship, she tells him, "You were a terrible lay, by the way," before fleeing to the escape pod.[3]

The Engineer speaks

David and the Engineer speak.

The conversation between David and the Last Engineer has been greatly expanded in this deleted scene. David first tells the Engineer, at Weyland's request, that they have come to the planet just as the Engineers asked. The Engineer gets out of the stasis tube and stumbles forward, before asking, in his own language, why they came. After Shaw interrupts like in the theatrical version, Weyland tells David to explain why they have come. David tells the Engineer that Weyland wants to live forever. Weyland further elaborates that his company made David from nothing and states that he and the Engineer are superior beings; that they are gods, and gods never die. The scene then continues as in the theatrical version where the Engineer kills everybody while Shaw escapes.


Hunting Shaw

The Engineer hunts for Shaw.

After the Juggernaut has crashed and ground to a halt, the Last Engineer pilot picks himself up and heads outside to hunt for Shaw amongst the wreckage.[3]

Final battle

Shaw and the Engineer fight.

The final confrontation between Shaw and the Last Engineer was originally longer and involved a physical fight. The scene starts with Shaw packing a bag with supplies before she hears a sound somewhere in the pod (the Trilobite still in the MedPod room). She picks up an axe (the same one she is briefly seen holding in the theatrical cut) and heads inside, pausing to drink some vodka from the bar before injecting herself with more pain medicine. She then goes to the medbay door and sees the Trilobite as in the theatrical version. After David tells her the Last Engineer is coming for her, Shaw hides behind the bar's counter. The Last Engineer soon enters the escape module and begins searching for Shaw, but is distracted by the video of the young girl playing the violin that is playing on a screen. David interrupts over the radio, revealing Shaw's presence to the Engineer, and the two fight, Shaw using the axe. The fight continues as a chase around the pod's corridors, through malfunctioning doors, but eventually the Engineer catches Shaw, overpowers her and pins her to the wall, his hands gripped around her head. At that moment, Shaw releases the Trilobite from the medbay and the scene carries on as in the finished film. This scene is available on home video, although the burn scarring on the Last Engineer's face has yet to be added in this version.

The Engineer looks over a book in the life pod.

Footage was also filmed of the Engineer discovering the books scattered across the escape pod's floor and pausing to look over one, although this footage is absent from the deleted scene included on the home video release.[3]



Shaw and David.

This scene where Shaw reunites with David at the end of the film was originally considerably longer. As Shaw heads back to the crashed Engineer ship, she asks David what the Engineer said to him about where he came from. David replies that there is no direct translation but several human cultures had a word similar to it — that word was "paradise". After Shaw reaches David and retrieves her cross, she additionally tells him that she wants to go to Paradise. David asks her what she hopes to achieve by going there, and she tells him that she wants to know why the Engineers created humanity, then they tried to destroy them. David questions why she wants to do this and says he doesn't understand, to which Shaw coldly answers that it's because she's a human being and David is "a fucking robot." She picks up David's head and forcefully shoves it into a bag. The scene paints a different picture of Shaw; in the movie, she was apologetic for putting David's head in a bag.


Terraforming forest

The film was originally going to end with Shaw discovering a vast subterranean forest hidden beneath a frozen lake, the forest having been planted by the Engineers to terraform the planet and make it habitable.[6]



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