Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone is a hardcover, "oversized" (8 × 12) format trade paperback comic book published by Dark Horse Books on October 21, 2015. It collects together the entire Fire and Stone crossover event — the 4 issues of Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Aliens: Fire and Stone, Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone and Predator: Fire and Stone, as well as the one-shot conclusion Prometheus: Fire and Stone - Omega. The book was edited by Daniel Chabon and Ian Tucker, and reuses a variant cover from Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 by David Palumbo.


As well as the various Fire and Stone comics, the book also includes "over 80 pages of never-before-seen content!"[1] This consists chiefly of concept artwork from the development of the comics, as well as examples of material relating to the original story that was planned for the crossover, which was altered quite significantly during development.

Publisher's Summary[]

The moon of LV-223 — resting place of the doomed Prometheus expedition, enigmatic source of all organic life, and nightmarish source of ultimate destruction. Now a new generation of explorers hope to uncover the mysteries of this strange and dangerous world, but what they find may lead to humanity's undoing. Collects Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1–#4, Aliens: Fire and Stone #1–#4, Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #1–#4, Predator: Fire and Stone #1–#4, and the Prometheus: Fire and Stone - Omega one-shot.

Stories Included[]


  • While its title may imply it is exclusively a Prometheus comic, Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone also incorporates the Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator parts of the Fire and Stone crossover. In fact, the Prometheus content accounts for less than half of the book.
  • The artistic error found in Prometheus: Fire and Stone #2 still remains in this collected edition.



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