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The multi-axis chair used in the game's G-force assessment.

The Project Prometheus Training Center was an online HTML5 game developed by Ignition Interactive and published by 20th Century Fox via the official Prometheus website. In it, players assume the role of applicants to Weyland Corp's Project Prometheus, and are required to complete a variety of assessments designed to test their physical and mental capacity and thus their suitability for joining the Prometheus mission.

The game became unavailable when the official Prometheus website was closed down to make way for the Alien Universe site, which went online on Christmas Day, 2016.[1]


Agility Assessment

This sees applicants running on an endless treadmill and having to dodge obstacles using the left and right arrow keys. The objective was to avoid as many obstacles as possible within the time limit; players were awarded with a 2× points multiplier for every ten consecutive obstacles avoided.

G-Force Assessment

This test requires applicants to track a target dot with their cursor whilst strapped into a multi-axis chair. To begin with, the dot moves slowly, but its speed increases as the test progresses, increasing the difficulty. The objective was to keep the cursor on the dot for as long as possible within the time limit.

Situational Intelligence

This is a multiple choice exam that requires applicants to choose the most suitable response to various hypothetical scenarios that could occur during the Prometheus mission. The player received a points bonus for answering questions within two seconds.

Spatial Relations

This puzzle requires the applicant to use the arrow keys to correctly align falling shapes with the target outline beneath them.

Prefrontal Cortex Assessment

This requires the applicant to rotate cubes set within a grid such that the numbers imprinted on the faces of the cubes were set into ascending numerical order. There were two stages to the test — the first required players to solve a 3 × 3 grid, after which they were faced with a more complex 3 × 3 × 3 array. The test was passed or failed dependant on the number of moves used to complete the test.



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