Project Prometheus: Mission is a 2012 short film. Created as part of the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus and to promote the interactive Project Prometheus Training Center on the film's official website, the short features Weyland Corp employee Andrea Bishop (a character who does not appear in Prometheus itself) discussing the Prometheus mission and its goals.

Project Prometheus: Mission was the final Prometheus short film to be released before the movie, which opened in theaters two days later, on June 1, 2012.


The film consists of a short video briefing, in which Weyland Corp training specialist Andrea Bishop reveals several details about the impending USCSS Prometheus mission, including the inspiration behind the name of the ship itself, the involvement of Dr. Shaw and Dr. Holloway, and the general purpose of the expedition. Finally, Andrea invites anyone interested in joining the mission to apply.

The video includes clips from previous short films TED Conference, 2023 and Happy Birthday, David.


The video was originally released on May 30, 2012 through YouTube,[1] to promote the online Project Prometheus Training Center game on the official Prometheus website.



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