The Project KG-348 laboratories were a series of research labs run by Gemini Exoplanet Solutions aboard Sevastopol Station, including a detachable exterior module mounted on the outside of the station. They were located in the Lorenz SysTech Spire.


The laboratory was used to extract the rare gases from KG-348 such as Helium-3. The laboratory had 2 rooms, the analysis lab and the synthesis lab. The area is found offline due to Seegson cutting funding from GeoFund. In the event of a catastrophe the lab itself can be ejected.


Amanda Ripley met Marshal Waits and Ricardo, who were arguing with Samuels about how they boarded Sevastopol despite being warned not to. Following this, they headed back to the Colonial Marshal bureau, where Waits, Ricardo and Ripley organized a plan to trap the Drone in Gemini Exoplanet Solutions. Though their plan ultimately succeeded, Waits ejected the module from the station before Ripley herself could escape, and the module plummeted into the atmosphere of KG-348 with Ripley still inside. However, she escaped the module via an airlock, while the module was destroyed when it burned up in the atmosphere of KG-348, killing the Drone in the process.



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