Prince was a Yautja hunter and the Predator protagonist in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2.

It is implied Prince is a high-ranking hunter, likely an Elite, judging by the conversations of human scientists studying his Bio-Mask after he is captured, and the fact that all other Predators he interacts with kneel before him. He and his clan came to LV-1201 because of a signal sent by an Ancient Predator in Pod 5.


Early History

The Prince is a high ranking Predator. 19 years before the events of Aliens versus Predator 2, the Prince and his clan attacked a Weyland-Yutani outpost on the jungle planet Korari, where he chased and injured Colonial Marine Vassili Rykov.

Hunt on LV-1201

The Prince's clan intercepts the transmission sent by an Ancient Predator and arrives at LV-1201. By that time, he doesn't know that Rykov is still alive, his interest laid in hunting down the human prey. Actually, Rykov (now a General working for Weyland-Yutani corporation) already caught his warship on visual so the humans are already very aware of the Predators' presence. The humans capture his two clan mates using EMP bombs and it is now up to the Prince to rescue them.

The Prince soon finds out that Xenomorphs are on the loose on this planet. A Praetorian attacks Prince and after a brief fight Prince emerges victorious.

The Prince passes the Valley and tracks his captive friends to the Observation Pods. He infiltrates the Pods killing many corporate guards and synthetics in the way. However he steps into an EMP trap getting himself incapacitated on one level. Rykov takes his Bio-Mask away as a trophy.

Hunting Rykov

Rykov plans to use the confined Prince for experiments (perhaps breeding a Predalien specimen) but the playable Warrior kills the scientist in charge of it and Corporal Harrison (the Marine protagonist) releases him unwittingly. The Prince sets out to find his Bio-Mask to restore his honor. He recovers most of his weaponry (except for his Smart Disc), his clan mate's Bio-Mask and a Plasmacaster. Unfortunately, he also finds a dead clan mate in the labs.

The Prince hijacks a dropship forcing it to crash land in an Alien infested tunnel area with all human passengers killed. The surroundings are crawling with Alien warriors and runners but with the Plasmacaster in Prince's possession, he is able to defeat them more quickly than he could in the first level of the campaign. Soon, Prince encounters a Predalien underground, when beginning to enter combat with it, another Predalien attacks from behind, and after battling both the Predaliens are killed. Prince uses the human transmitter to signal his clan. After a bloody battle with a Praetorian and many Alien warriors, his warship arrives and shoots down a human dropship. Prince's clan brother re-arms him with a Smart Disc.

The Prince enters yet another facility in an Aliens/humans crossfire. The Prince finds another fallen Predator. The good news is that the dead hunter left behind a Plasma Pistol. Prince kills everything in his path and finds the entrance to the Hive.


Prince holding his mask and Rykov's spine

The Hive is dangerous as Facehuggers lurk there besides Warriors and Runners. The Prince duels a Queen (there are two and an Empress in Aliens versus Predator 2), killing her at the end of a deadly fight. Finally, he confronts Rykov. The Prince uses the Plasma Pistol or any of the other weapons he has depending on what the player uses to stun and damage Rykov. Before long, Rykov's Exosuit is history and the old general meets his end. The Prince recovers his Bio-Mask and with it, his honor is restored.

Onboard his ship, the Prince and his clan brothers track down the USS Verloc, beginning their next Hunt.

List of Notable Victims



Behind the scenes


  • Prince is arguably one of the most prolific Predators ever seen, having successfully defeated two Predaliens, three Praetorians, a Queen and Rykov in an Exosuit.
  • Prince is apparently a High Ranking Predator, however he is still a young Predator, that might indicate that his high ranking comes from being a sort of Prince in the Yautja society.
  • Prince's Mask is far older and far more advanced than any other mask found during the events of AVP2.
  • His character and role is very similar to Dark.



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