The Primary Operations Complex, or POC, was a Weyland-Yutani Corporation base located on the planet LV-1201. In 2230, the POC was the site of a Xenomorph outbreak after Xenomorph Eggs were brought there in containers; one such container was placed on a counter improperly and as a result it was breached, causing the egg inside to open which released a facehugger and started the infestation.


A Weyland-Yutani Corporation team led by Dr. Arnaud Eisenberg and General Vassili Rykov arrived on the planet and established the POC and the Forward Observation Pods, both of which were connected by tunnels, located three hours apart from each other. Humans working for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colonized LV-1201 some time in the early 2200s. Their presence centered around the Primary Operations Complex, a large colony with a population of over 1000 people. The POC possessed a landing field large enough to accept a small interstellar freighter; north and south landing bays for shuttles and dropships; housing for research animals including dogs, cats, and monkeys; its own sewer and water reclamation system; garages and maintenance areas; a cafeteria; an auxiliary generator; residential areas; and shelters. Following the destruction of Forward Observation Pod 5, several areas were converted for xenomorph research.

Weyland-Yutani conducted archaeological excavations at several sites far from the POC and the Pods. Most of these digs took place at sites of Engineer ruins just outside (and connected via tunnels to) the planet's primary xenomorph hive. At least one site, Zeta Site, had previously been occupied not only by the Engineers, but by the Predators, who had converted it to a hunting encampment. By the time humans reached the planet, it had been abandoned for hundreds of years.


On November 23, 2230, a crate containing an Alien egg aboard the vessel Aurora fell to the deck, which caused the egg to open and release a Facehugger. The Facehugger began to stalk Cisco, a security guard. When Cisco was alone in his room and taking a nap, the Facehugger attached itself to him and impregnated him with the Chestburster. It escaped through a window and found its way into a livestock pen, consumimg every animal present. The fully grown Drone then began to kill a number of personnel in the POC and expedited the resulting infestation by killing the First POC Predator, whose Self-Destruct Device breached the POC's outer defenses, allowing xenomorphs to overrun the POC. A Hive was later established after the POC's fall.


Behind the scenes[]

The interiors and exteriors of the POC are heavily based on Hadley's Hope. The lower levels (from the third Alien mission) resemble the Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit.[citation needed]