This article covers the motion comics created to accompany the 2010 film Predators.

Two such comics were produced — Moments of Extraction and Crucified. Both are prequels to the film, revealing additional backstory for several of its characters and revealing how these individuals came to be stranded on the Game Preserve Planet.

Moments of Extraction

Moments of Extraction is a four-part prequel to Predators revealing the moments several of the characters marooned on the Game Preserve Planet were captured by the Super Predators on Earth. It features several cast members from Predators reprising their roles in voice-over.


On the Game Preserve Planet, Noland, dressed in captured Predator gear, discovers the decayed body of a dead Japanese samurai and retrieves the fallen man's katana.

On Earth, a young Isabelle attends St. Mary Magdalene School for Girls, where she is ostracised by her classmates for her cold and silent nature. Later, while serving her time in the IDF, her taciturn personality sees her assigned to sniper school, a discipline at which she excels. After graduating, Isabelle is deployed on covert operations all over the world, performing often questionable assignments at home in Israel and in such diverse locations as Somalia and Afghanistan. During her travels, she hears stories of mysterious "hunters" that prey on and kill humans. Realising she is likely condemned to hell for what she has done since becoming a black ops sniper, she prays that hell will not involve the soulless killers she has heard about. However, while packing up her rifle following a successful assassination in Kandahar, Afghanistan, she is captured by one of the demons she fears — a Predator.

In Mexico, cartel enforcer Cuchillo single-handedly raids a police station, crashing an SUV through the wall before slaughtering the officers inside. Surveying the aftermath, he recalls his early life living rough on the harsh streets of Mexico City, seeing his brother die at a young age and being physically abused by the people he meets. Hardened by his experiences, Cuchillo eventually became a killer for the cartels. Looking outside, Cuchillo realises the police station is now surrounded by reinforcements. As he prepares to face them, he is captured by the Predators.

In Japan, expert Yakuza assassin Hanzo has spent his life travelling the country and eliminating his bosses' rivals and enemies. For his latest job, he finds himself in Tokyo, where he is tasked with yet another assassination. He confronts the businessman in his hotel room, swiftly dispatching him with his katana, but immediately afterwards, Hanzo is captured by a Predator.

In Sierra Leone, Mombasa prays to Allah, wondering if he could have been a better man in a different place and time. Finishing his prayers, Mombasa collects his AKM and joins an RUF raid on a village. He and his fellow revolutionaries slaughter the inhabitants with rifles and flamethrowers; during the carnage, Mombassa is attacked by a boy with a machete, seeing in the youngster a reflection of his own youth as a child soldier. Despite the recollection, Mombassa does not hesitate to riddle his attacker with bullets. Staring down at the boy's corpse, Mombasa makes peace with the fact he likely deserves to die for the atrocities he has committed. Shortly afterwards, he is captured by the Predators.

Back on the Game Preserve Planet, Noland hears the sound of a craft high in the sky overhead and realises fresh prey is being dropped into the jungle. Taking his new katana, he makes for his shelter in the abandoned drilling machine and prepares for the coming hunt.

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Crucified Title


Crucified reveals how the Crucified Predator came to be captured by the Super Predators.


At the hunting camp on the Predator game preserve, the Super Predators prepare a totem to which they will attach their prey. Once complete, Tracker takes the totem to the crucifixion site and sets it up, accompanied by his Hell-Hounds. Meanwhile, Berserker and Falconer head out into the jungle in search of their prey — a rival, smaller Yautja. The three Predators engage in battle, and the smaller Predator is thrown into a river, tumbling over a waterfall. It survives, but as it attempts to flee back into the jungle it is caught in a net set up by the Super Predators.

Dragged to the crucifixion site, the smaller Predator is tortured before being nailed to the totem. As the three Super Predators standing before their prize in triumph, a caption is shown that reads "the weak fall, the strong reign supreme".


Both Moments of Extraction and Crucified are available on the film's Blu-ray release. Crucified is also available on the DVD release of the movie.


  • The circumstances of Isabelle's capture in Moments of Extraction contradict the scenario presented in the comic adaptation of the movie, Predators: Beating the Bullet. Most obviously, Beating the Bullet states that she is abducted by the Super Predators while on a mission in Guatemala, yet the motion comic places her capture as taking place in the vicinity of Kandahar, Afghanistan — quite literally on the other side of the world.


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