Predators is a 4-issue limited comic book series that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in June 2010 that serves as a tie-in to the film of the same name. The comic features two separate stories: Predators: Welcome to the Jungle, written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Guilherme Balbi, and Predators: A Predatory Life, written by David Lapham and illustrated by Gabriel Guzman. The series was edited by Scott Allie, Sierra Hahn, Freddye Lins and John Schork, with cover art by Paul Lee.

Predators was one of three comic books released to tie into the 2010 film, the others being an adaptation of the movie, titled Predators: Beating the Bullet, and its official sequel, Predators: Preserve the Game.

In the Predator comics line, Predators was preceded by Predator: Prey to the Heavens, and was followed by Predators: Beating the Bullet and Predators: Preserve the Game.

Publisher's Summary

#1: A team of Navy Seals is in the midst of a firefight when it suddenly goes dark. They awake to find themselves in a new and more deadly environment, stalked by a strange enemy. One by one these special-ops officers are killed by an unseen threat, until only one man remains. All alone in a strange world, he must do what he knows best-survive against all odds.

#2: The lone Navy Seal finds himself in an uneasy alliance when he discovers another survivor on the planet — but he also learns that here humans are prey, transplanted from Earth to this alien jungle, to be hunted for sport.

#3: The human alliance strains under the threat of the vicious Predators, an elaborate system of traps, and the impossibility of escape, until the men are locked in their own game of cat and mouse against each other.

#4: Traps are set off and new Predators enter the fray in the blood-drenched conclusion: the set-up for Robert Rodriguez's reboot of the Predator film series!

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Reprint History

Both stories from Predators were eventually collected, along with the other Predators tie-in comics, as a single trade paperback released in October 2010.


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