Predators: A Predatory Life is a comic book story that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in Predators in June 2010. It was written by David Lapham, pencilled by Gabriel Guzman, inked by Mariano Taibo, colored by Michael Atiyeh, lettered by Nate Piekos, and edited by Scott Allie, Sierra Hahn, Freddye Lins and John Schork. The comic follows Royce as he undertakes a mercenary job in Africa before he is abducted by the Super Predators.


Royce is hired by the president of a war-torn African state to eliminate Ayotunde Kutti, leader of the rebel movement seeking to overthrow the current regime. Despite his disgust towards the people hiring him, Royce accepts, on the condition that he is paid two-thirds of his fee up-front.

Not long after setting off into the jungle, Royce kills his guide — correctly guessing that the man had orders to eliminate him after the job was complete — before scouting Kutti's camp. He recognizes a fellow mercenary named Travis among Kutti's men, but despite the presence of this old acquaintance, Royce begins his attack. He ruthlessly slaughters Kutti's soldiers, expertly using bait and misdirection to divide them and lure them into killing zones, but disobeys his orders to kill even the women and children present at the camp; however, he inadvertently wounds one woman and her child when she sneaks up on him with a revolver whilst carrying her young baby. Royce saves Travis for last, pursuing him as he flees to his jeep in an attempt to escape. Travis finds his driver already dead, and is confronted by Royce. After briefly discussing how the people who hired Royce are no better than Kutti was, Royce shoots Travis dead.

As Royce walks away, Tracker watches him from the undergrowth.


Reprint History[]

Dark Horse Comics[]

Predators: A Predatory Life was later collected, along with the other Predators tie-in comics, in a single trade paperback released in October 2010.

Marvel Comics[]

Following Marvel Comics' acquisition of the rights to Predator comic books, the comic was collected as part of Marvel's Predator: The Original Years Volume 2 collection, alongside many other early Dark Horse stories. The collection was released on May 21, 2024.

Behind the Scenes[]

Writer David Lapham would go on to write Predators: Surviving Life, which served as a sequel to the film that A Predatory Life is a prequel to.