Predator versus Wolverine is a four-issue crossover comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics. It was written by Benjamin Percy, lettered by VC's Cory Petit, and edited by Sarah Brunstad. The series features various artists who contributed to different time periods throughout Wolverine's life. It was drawn by Ken Lashley (present day), Greg Land penciled (young Wolverine) with inker Jay Leisten, Andrea Divito (Team X), Hayden Sherman (Weapon X), Kei Zama (Muramasa Era), and Gavin Guidey (Winchester Era. The series was also colored by Juan Fernandez (present day), Frank D'Armata (young Wolverine), Alex Guimaraes (Weapon X & Masamura Era), and Matthew Wilson (Winchester Era). Cover art was provided by Marco Checchetto while variant cover art was provided by various artists. It was released on September 20, 2023.

In the crossover comics line, Predator versus Wolverine is the first crossover comic book series in the Predator franchise to be published by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

#1: THE THRILL IS THE KILL! Wolverine has lived one of the longest and most storied lives in comics history. Now witness the untold greatest battles of Logan’s life – against a Predator! One Yautja seeks the greatest prey in existence – and finds it in Weapon X. From the blood-ridden snows of the Canadian wilderness to the sword-slinging streets of Madripoor, Wolverine and a Predator break everything in their paths on their way to the ultimate victory…or glorious death.

#2: "YOU PICKED THE WRONG MUTANT TO HUNT!" And none knows it better than a Predator! After their first encounter in the Canadian wilderness, Wolverine thought he had moved on — to new fights, worse wounds and tragedies he only wants to forget. But a Yautja does not forget an enemy… At a time when Logan barely knows his own name and is running black ops side by side with Sabretooth and Maverick as “Team X,” how can he make it through round two with a Predator he doesn’t remember fighting?! Plus, the first glimpse at Weapon X!

#3: TIME TO BLEED! The most gruesome chapter yet! Years after his first encounter with the Yautja, Wolverine’s gone feral – just the way the Weapon X program likes him! If the Predator thought the mutant was hard to kill before…now he’ll meet the real beast. But the prize this time isn’t just the kill. Now Wolverine carries something precious within him, something a Predator’s never encountered. An indestructible metal that would give the hunter the edge over prey on any world…

#4: THE BEST THERE IS AT WHAT THEY DO! Who will take the final trophy? Will Wolverine’s adamantium skull join the bones of countless others? The Predator’s long hunt catches up to the present day as Wolverine sets his trap. But what hope does he have against an enemy who’s slaughtered prey across the universe?

Reprint history[]

Issues #1-4 of Predator versus Wolverine will be collected as a trade paperback edition that will be published by Marvel Comics on April 9, 2024.


Predator Wolverine

Variant cover to Wolverine issue #23 featuring a Predator.

  • As a way to celebrate its acquisition of the rights to publish Predator comic books, Marvel produced a range of twenty Predator-themed crossover variant covers in 2021, one of which included Wolverine battling a Predator.
  • Predator versus Wolverine marks the first official crossover comic in Marvel's Alien and Predator comic book lines.
  • Predator versus Wolverine features various artists taking over the interior illustration duties by each contributing to different time periods throughout the series. Ken Lashley drew panels that took place in present day, Greg Land penciled young Wolverine while Jay Leisten inked young Wolverine, Andrea Divito drew panels that related to Team X, and Hayden Sherman drew panels that related to Weapon X, while Juan Fernandez colored panels that took place in present day, Frank D'Armata colored panels that related to young Wolverine, andAlex Guimaraes colored panels that related to Weapon X.


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