Predator versus Black Panther is an upcoming four-issue crossover comic book series that will be published by Marvel Comics. It will be written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Chris Allen with cover art provided by Ken Lashley. It is set to be released on August 21, 2024.

In the crossover comics line, Predator versus Black Panther was preceded by Predator versus Wolverine, and will be published concurrently with Aliens vs. Avengers.


Follow-up to last year's Predator vs. Wolverine series where Predators got a taste of a few new elements: Wolverine's adamantium and Wakanda's vibranium. Now, one such Predator is heading to the African nation to obtain the mineral for his tribe, and that'll put him in direct contact with the nation's protector, the Black Panther. This Predator King has two sons who are at war with one another. Vibranium might be the weapon that determines their claim.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

#1: WAKANDA…IS PREY? You saw the Marvel Universe’s most tenacious mutant go up against one of the greatest killing machines in history in PREDATOR VS. WOLVERINE – and survive. Now the planet Earth lives on in Predator lore…a planet full of the most exhilarating prey they could imagine! And the strongest weapons in the Multiverse are in their sights. When a young Predator with something to prove comes for Wakanda’s vibranium, the Black Panther faces an enemy whose resources rival those of his great nation. Who will prove stronger? Benjamin Percy teams up with Stormbreaker artist Chris Allen to pit king against king in a bloody new series!

#2: THE ULTIMATE HUNTING PRESERVE: WAKANDA! Yautja stalk the jungles of one of the most isolated – and wealthy – nations on Earth. Wakanda’s War Dogs, the Hatut Zeraze, fall like wheat. The Dora Milaje bury those bodies with their own. Princess Shuri is trapped out of reach. And the Black Panther finds his country invaded not by the warmongering West – but by monsters from beyond the stars. The fiercest hunters in the known universe – versus a king who might just be beast enough to stop them.


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