Predator Mines, variously known as Proximity Mines or Throwing Mines, are various types of mine-based weaponry used by Yautja on their Hunts. Several variations of the weapons have been seen, although they all share similar characteristics in that they are static weapons triggered when an enemy passes close by, either automatically or remotely.


Laser Mines

Laser Mines in action.

During his mission to Gunnison, Colorado, Wolf carried several mines that project laser beams capable of slicing through a Xenomorph almost instantaneously. Wolf utilized them against the Drones infesting the town's sewers, using them both to trap the Xenomorphs in the killing zone and also as a means to dispose of the creatures, by throwing them into the laser fields generated by the mines, slicing them apart.

Remote Mines

On BG-386, Dark utilized remotely detonated mines as part of his mission to recover the Young Blood Pack. These mines were detonated by Dark's wrist gauntlet.

In Aliens vs. Predator, remote mines were available in both the singleplayer campaign and the game's multiplayer modes.

Throwing Mines

Several variants of Throwing Mine were used by Scarface in Neonopolis in 2030. These mines were unique in that they could be both set in the environment to act as proximity-detonated traps, or thrown directly at any enemy, causing them to detonate on contact.

Fire Throwing Mines

These mines used an incendiary-based explosive, capable of setting victims alight and even completely incinerating them.

EMP Throwing Mines

These mines are harmless to humans, but can temporarily disable mechanical systems with an electromagnetic pulse. They can also disrupt a Predator's Cloak and similar visual camouflage systems.

Sonic Throwing Mines

Similar to EMP Mines, these devices temporarily incapacitate organic opponents by releasing a burst of multi-spectrum light and subsonic sound waves designed to briefly disrupt the nervous system of the prey without causing permanent damage. They are particularly effective against Xenomorphs.

Plasma Throwing Mines

Mines based on Plasmacaster technology, these envelop their target in a burst of plasma energy, essentially vaporizing them.



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