"That's my new suit."
McKenna, regarding the Predator Killer (from The Predator)

A worker wearing the Predator Killer suit.

The Predator Killer is a piece of technology which becomes a suit of armor that resembles a Yautja in design once a human puts it on. The suit was stolen by the Fugitive Predator and brought to Earth where it was hunted down by the Upgrade Predator who sought to destroy it, so as the Humans could not have it.


The suit is a full body set of armor designed for humans and made in the likeness of the Yautja species, to the point of it including Dreadlocks. On each shoulder are three Plasmacasters, each with independent targeting lasers, and a giant cannon. It also comes with Wristblades that are longer than standard ones. While its capabilities were never shown, it presumably has similar abilities to standard Yautja Body Armour such as cloaking and thermal vision in the built-in bio-helmet.





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