This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 1990 film Predator 2. Some of these sequences never progressed past the early script or storyboard stages, while others were filmed before being cut during the editing process. Despite their removal, several of these scenes were included in the movie's novelization and comic book adaptation.


The original; cut of Predator 2 submitted to the MPAA was allegedly "far more intense" and received an NC-17 rating as a result of its graphic violence.[1] As a result, the film was edited so that it could pass with a more commercially viable R-rating; director Stephen Hopkins noted that he had to recut the movie around 20 times before the MPAA would give it the rating they sought.[1] In addition to this deleted violence and gore, several other story sequences were also removed from the final theatrical cut of the movie.

Deleted Scenes

The skyscraper

The scene where the City Hunter scales the Eastern Columbia Building and attracts a bolt of lighting with its Combistick in a victory celebration originally took place far earlier in the film, and the Predator was to be holding Danny's skull and spine at the time. The scene was ultimately moved later in the film, with the skull now belonging to Jerry, but both the novelization and the comic book adaptation of the film still place the scene earlier, following Danny's death.

Leona's child

Leona's pregnancy was to be a more significant subplot in the film, with Leona suffering from a mystery illness throughout that would be revealed as morning sickness when her pregnancy becomes apparent at the subway massacre. Leona's boyfriend was also set to appear as part of this deleted subplot, at the bar where Harrigan meets Jerry to discuss the fate of Vega's mistress.[2] The scene at the bar was reduced to just the conversation between Harrigan and Jerry in the final version of the film, although a much longer version appears in the novelization.[3]

Hard Core

Most of the Hard Core television news segments seen throughout the film were originally considerably longer, featuring more footage of Pope both in the studio and on location. One segment singles out Harrigan as a "cowboy cop".[4] These extended sequences are available on the DVD/Blu-ray.

Danny's funeral

Danny's funeral was originally seen, with several officers from the department in attendance. Afterwards, Tony Pope again confronted Harrigan for an interview, leading Captain Pilgrim to assault him and throw him away. Harrigan then intentionally backs into Pope's van as he pulls away in his car, damaging it.[4] This scene can be glimpsed in The Hunters and the Hunted, the film's making-of documentary, and was included in the novelization[5] and comic adaptation of the film.

The taxidermist

A scene was shot where the City Hunter actually enters the taxidermist shop Harrigan is briefly seen looking into after calling Leona and Jerry from the public telephone booth. Inside the shop, the Predator — unseen thanks to its Cloak — was to admire the various stuffed trophies on display.[2]

Heinemann at the subway

Originally, when Harrigan arrives at the scene of the subway massacre, Heinemann begs him to help him deal with the press, who are furious at the LAPD's apparent inability to stop the killer terrorizing the city, and the fact that Keyes' team, whom Heinemann had ensured the police force bowed to, has now disappeared, leaving the police strung out to dry.[6] Harrigan refuses, blowing Heinemann off and leaving him to face the press alone. The short scene was supposed to tie into the fact that Heinemann and Harrigan had once been close friends, before Heinemann was promoted and "abandoned" Harrigan; however, that back story was also cut from the finished film.

Evidence of this sequence can be seen in the final film — when Harrigan arrives outside the subway, Heinemann is visible for a split second attempting to stop him, before the camera switches to Harrigan running for the subway entrance. The scene is included in the film's novelization[6] and comic adaptation.

The rooftop chase

The sequence where Harrigan chases the City Hunter across the rooftops in his car was originally supposed to be considerably longer, with considerably more footage of the Predator actually leaping across the rooftops and Harrigan watching it from below.[2]


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