This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 1990 film Predator 2. Some of these sequences never progressed past the early script or storyboard stages, while others were filmed before being cut during the editing process. Despite their removal, several of these scenes were included in the movie's novelization and comic book adaptation.


The original cut of Predator 2 submitted to the MPAA was allegedly "far more intense" and received an NC-17 rating as a result of its graphic violence.[1] As a result, the film was edited so that it could pass with a more commercially viable R-rating; director Stephen Hopkins noted that he had to recut the movie around 20 times before the MPAA would give it the rating they sought.[1] In addition to this deleted violence and gore, several other story sequences were also removed from the final theatrical cut of the movie.

A small number of the film's deleted scenes have been officially released on home video; in such instances, the release(s) on which they can be found have been noted in this article. Where applicable, the names of deleted scenes below have been taken from these DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Deleted Scenes[]

Hard Core[]

Most of the Hard Core television news segments seen throughout the film were originally considerably longer, featuring more footage of Pope both in the studio and on location. One segment singles out Harrigan as a "cowboy cop".[2]


Ramon's fate[]

In early versions of the script, Ramon Vega is not killed in his apartment but instead abducted by the Jamaicans and taken to a closed art gallery. It is here that they plan to ritualistically murder him, but the City Hunter attacks before they can carry out the killing. When the cops later arrive, it is Vega they find alive and traumatized, not his mistress.[3]

Jerry at the hospital[]

In the film, Keyes and his men kidnap Vega's mistress on the road shortly after the penthouse massacre, but in early versions of the script she actually makes it to the hospital, leading to a scene where Jerry attempts to find and question her.[3] Entering the building, he talks to several members of hospital staff, trying to locate the witness, eventually realizing she has been smuggled out of a back entrance. He gives chase, arriving just in time to see two of Keyes' men loading her stretcher into an unmarked van. He discretely jumps on the back of the van as it leaves and rides it to his parked car, before jumping off and getting behind the wheel to continue his pursuit.[3]

Ray's Tavern[]

The scene at the bar where Harrigan and Jerry discuss the disappearance of Vega's mistress was originally considerably longer, taking place during a birthday party being thrown for Leona. The scene was to begin with Leona complaining to her husband Rick that she is suffering from a mystery illness — designed to tie into the revelation that she is pregnant later in the movie.[4] It would then have moved on to Harrigan and Captain Pilgrim discussing the recent killings at the bar, with Pilgrim attempting to warn Harrigan off pursuing the case and incurring Keyes' ire.[3] While the scene was trimmed down to just Harrigan and Jerry's conversation in the finished film, the full version appears in the novelization.[5]

Spying on Keyes[]

In the film, Jerry is seen showing Harrigan surveillance footage of Keyes and his men abducting Vega's mistress in their helicopter, but the script features an additional brief scene where he originally captures this footage, having followed the van the woman was taken away in from the hospital to a remote helipad.[3]

The skyscraper[]

The scene where the City Hunter scales the Eastern Columbia Building and attracts a bolt of lighting with its Combistick in a victory celebration originally took place far earlier in the film, and the Predator was to be holding Danny's skull and spine at the time. The scene was ultimately moved later in the film, with the skull now belonging to Jerry, but both the novelization and the comic book adaptation of the film still place the scene earlier, following Danny's death.

Danny's funeral[]

Danny's funeral was originally seen, with several officers from the department in attendance. Afterwards, Tony Pope again confronted Harrigan for an interview, leading Captain Pilgrim to assault him and throw him away. Harrigan then intentionally backs into Pope's van as he pulls away in his car, damaging it.[2] Behind the scenes footage of this sequence being filmed can be glimpsed in The Hunters and the Hunted, the film's making-of documentary, and was included in the novelization[6] and comic adaptation of the film.

Predator pursues Harrigan[]

Originally, the City Hunter was to be watching Harrigan and Jerry from a rooftop when the former is picked up by King Willie's people, leading to a sequence where the creature pursues Sweet and the other Jamaicans as they drive Harrigan across town. At one point during the chase, the Predator bounds across a queue of cars waiting at a traffic signal, bending their metal roofs with its weight.[3] A similar scene appears in the film, but it takes place much later, when Harrigan is chasing the creature following the subway massacre.

I don't like reggae[]

The script features a humorous scene where Harrigan tries to crack a joke with the Jamaicans who take him to meet with King Willie. After getting out of the car, he tells them, "You know, I don't like reggae... I love it," referring to their loud music and paraphrasing the 10cc song "Dreadlock Holiday". The men are unamused though, one of them responding, "That's dread, mon," to which the Jamaicans burst out laughing.[3]

Predator in the crowd[]

The script contains a scene the morning after King Willie is slain in which Harrigan is having breakfast in a diner. After finishing he heads outside and walks along the bustling street, unaware some of Keyes' agents are watching him from a surveillance van parked nearby.[3] As the scene continues it becomes clear they are not the only ones following Harrigan — the City Hunter is also stalking him, discretely following through the crowd, concealed by its Cloak. As it moves through the passers by the creature bumps into two men, triggering a verbal argument when each blames the other for walking into him.[3]

The taxidermist[]

A scene was shot where the City Hunter actually enters the taxidermist shop Harrigan is briefly seen looking into after calling Leona and Jerry from the public telephone booth. Inside the shop, the Predator — unseen thanks to its Cloak — was to admire the various stuffed trophies on display.[4]


In early drafts of the script, the City Hunter leaves a clump of King Willie's dreadlocks for Harrigan to find in the graveyard, not Danny's necklace.[3]

Progress report[]

The script contains a scene where Harrigan meets with Leona and Jerry at Dr. Edwards' lab so that they can discuss the case. Jerry informs Harrigan that King Willie's body has been found, and warns him the killer is clearly toying with him. He goes on to tell Harrigan that Keyes' men came to check out the King Willie murder scene but showed little interest — suggesting they are already close to finding what they are after. The three detectives then go to see Edwards, who informs them of the samples linking the killer to a slaughterhouse.[3] While a similar scene is included in the finished film, it is reworked such that Harrigan is not present, instead talking with Leona, Jerry and Edwards from a public phonebooth.

The slaughterhouse[]

After discovering the slaughterhouse link, a deleted sequence would have seen Harrigan, Leona and Jerry checking out the city's slaughterhouses, finding that one has recently been closed down due to alleged health violations. They immediately suspect Keyes' involvement. As they discuss this turn of events, they are unaware that the Predator is watching them from a nearby rooftop.[3]

Harrigan's apartment[]

The script includes a scene set in Harrigan's apartment, which he shares with an alley cat that occasionally climbs in through the window looking for food. After giving the cat some leftover takeout, he accesses a hidden armory concealed behind a bookshelf that is full of contraband heavy weapons. He selects several (including the Colt Commando he uses during his final showdown with the City Hunter) and loads them before falling asleep on the couch.[3] This scene would have helped to explain where Harrigan gets a military-grade assault rifle and grenade launcher to use against the City Hunter, something that is never elaborated on in the film.

I'm pregnant[]

The subplot surrounding Leona's pregnancy was originally more extensive, and among the related scenes that were removed was one at Alvarado Precinct in which she reveals to Jerry that she has discovered she is six weeks pregnant. Learning of her condition, Jerry suddenly loses he cocky, brazen attitude and becomes genuinely sympathetic and caring, amusing Leona. He suggests she take the night off and go home to her husband, but she reaffirms her determination to see the case through in memory of Danny.[3]

Predator in the crowd II[]

Similar to the earlier deleted sequence in which the City Hunter follows Harrigan down a busy street, it was planned to show the Predator following Leona and Jerry onto the metro, passing through the crowd of commuters in the station. Several people notice the ripple of the City Hunter's camouflage as it moves by, but pass it off as a trick of the light.[3] This scene would have made it clear the creature is specifically targeting the detectives when it attacks the train, something that is less explicit in the finished film.

Heinemann at the subway[]

Originally, when Harrigan arrives at the scene of the subway massacre, Heinemann begs him to help him deal with the press, who are furious at the LAPD's apparent inability to stop the killer terrorizing the city, and the fact that Keyes' team, whom Heinemann had ensured the police force bowed to, has now disappeared, leaving the police strung out to dry.[7] Harrigan refuses, blowing Heinemann off and leaving him to face the press alone. The short scene was supposed to tie into the fact that Heinemann and Harrigan had once been close friends, before Heinemann was promoted and "abandoned" Harrigan; however, that back story was also cut from the finished film.

Evidence of this sequence can be seen in the final film — when Harrigan arrives outside the subway, Heinemann is visible for a split second attempting to stop him, before the camera switches to Harrigan running for the subway entrance. The scene is included in the film's novelization[7] and comic book.

The rooftop chase[]

The sequence where Harrigan chases the City Hunter across the rooftops in his car was originally supposed to be considerably longer, with considerably more footage of the Predator actually leaping across the rooftops and Harrigan watching it from below.[4]

Keyes in the trailer[]

Originally Keyes stayed in the OWLF command center to oversee the capture operation, while the team in the slaughterhouse was led by an unnamed agent. As such, Keyes survived the battle with the City Hunter and it was he who confronted Harrigan at the end of the film, after the Predator hunting party leaves Earth.[3] Later revisions of the script had Keyes lead the capture team personally, while Garber was created to assume his role in the final act of the film.

Vocal mimicry[]

During the warehouse battle, the City Hunter was to mimic Keyes' voice to try and lure Harrigan into an ambush, almost succeeding until it also mimics Leona, whom Harrigan knows is not present.[3] A similar idea was considered but not used for the finale of Predator, while the novelization of Predator 2 features the Predator mimicking King Willie and Keyes to taunt Harrigan.

Zip wire[]

During the confrontation between Harrigan and the City Hunter on the roof of the slaughterhouse, the Predator was to escape by leaping across the street to an adjacent rooftop. Unable to make the 40-foot jump himself, Harrigan instead uses a power line as a zip wire to cross to the next building and continue his pursuit.[3]