The Predator is an otherwise unnamed Yautja that, alongside the Tarkatan Xenomorph, features as a downloadable guest character in the 2015 video game Mortal Kombat X. The Predator is available as part of the game's Predator DLC.

Characteristics and Traits[]

The Predator is almost visibly identical to that of the Jungle Hunter from the original film. Whether they are supposed to be the same character or simply two different hunters hailing from the same clan is unknown.

Predator MKX Render

Aside from being similar in appearance, they also have similar equipment, including the same designed Plasmacaster and Wristblades, though the Hunter variation of the Predator does pack explosives snags that the original hunter did not use.


In Mortal Kombat X, the Predator has three different variations that alters the character's moveset and playstyle, as with all other characters in the game.


The Warrior variation prioritizes the Predator's brute strength and aggressive close-combat capabilities, and he now gains multiple moves that showcase these traits. Most noticeably, he also gains a self-destruct ability in which he will press a button on his wrist gauntlet and laugh maniacally. A short countdown will begin in which afterwards the Predator will violently explode, (though still in one piece) sending the opponent flying.


The Hunter variation utilizes a less direct approach in favor of controlling the battle. Special snags can be set onto the floor. If the opponent steps on them, they are instantly hauled from their feet and into the air, hanging upside down and leaving them wide open for extra attacks. The snags themselves can also be detonated. Additionally, the Predator gains a Medicomp in which he can plunge a syringe into his knee. This recovers a small amount of health but depletes the character's stamina.


The Hish-Qu-Ten variation (named after the Hish interpretation of the Predator species from the DH Press Predator novels) gives the Predator access to his powerful Plasmacaster. The Predator can fire it at virtually every angle, being able to space out the opponent immensely. Though the variation is powerful for a long-ranged assault, it is equally effective for close combat.


After defeating the final boss Shinnok, the Predator had sought to learn a new power that the Yautja species had not yet encountered known as sorcery. After mastering the art, he had began a mass slaughter of all the realms, being deemed the 'Apex Predator'.



  • Beyond the playable character itself, many other references to Predator and Predator 2 are added to the game by the Predator DLC:
    • The Predator's moveset includes multiple references to the movie, with many of his kombo, fatality and brutality moves, as well as his X-ray, being named after quotes from Predator. Examples include "We. Hit. Nothing." (Poncho), "Ghostin' Us" (Mac), "Anytime" (the Jungle Hunter), "Time to Bleed" (Blain) and "If It Bleeds" (Dutch).
    • Upon winning a round as the Predator, the character will mimic their opponent's laugh, a nod to the Jungle Hunter when defeated by Dutch in Predator.
    • The Predator's victory animation after a match involves the Predator tearing out his opponent's spinal column, roaring in triumph and placing their skull in a Trophy Room.
    • When performing a brutality on the opponent, the Predator's victory animation shows the Predator cloaking itself, flashing its eyes (as seen in numerous movies and video games featuring the Predator) and walking off into the distance. Shortly afterwards, the cloaked silhouette of the Predator's ship is usually seen taking off in the background.
    • The Predator DLC also adds a special variation of Erron Black's x-ray move "Trick Shot", which typically shows a slow-motion bullet engraved with his victim's name hitting his opponent in the hip — when used against a Predator character, the bullet is engraved with the words "Ugly MoFo".
    • Additionally, during the intro sequence before a match between the Predator and Bo' Rai Cho, Cho will utter the words, "You are one ugly motherfucker."
    • If the player is fighting the Alien, the creature will give off a heat signature during the introductory sequence. This is inaccurate, as Xenomorphs do not show up in Thermal Vision.





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