Predator: Turnabout is a 2008 novel written by Steve Perry and published by DH Press.

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No cell phones. No zip codes. Now easy way out. In the backwoods of an Alaskan hunting ground, game warden Sloane patrols the countryside for poachers. When he stumbles on the carcass of a Kodiak bear, he assumes that greedy hunters have looted the countryside, again.

But Sloane is wrong. This bear was not killed by poachers, but by an unknown threat... the Predators.

Sloane has other enemies to contend with. Jack Regal, for one, a wealthy adrenaline junkie in the poaching game for the money. He also has people to protect, like Mary Collins, a city tenderfoot in the wilderness looking for the place where her brother died.

Trackers. Poachers. Game hunters. Fighters. The hunters become the hunted in a man-against-man, man-against-beast struggle for survival against the odds.


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