Predator: Strange Roux is a one-shot comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in November 1996. It was written by Brian McDonald, pencilled by Mitch Byrd, inked by Jasen Rodriguez, colored by Jimmy Johns and Jim Sinclair, lettered by Sean Konot, and edited by Scott Allie, with cover art by Paul Lee. The story features a Predator hunting in the Louisiana Bayou.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Strange Roux was preceded by Predator: Dark River, and was followed by Predator: Kindred.

Publisher's Summary

There's a legend down in Bayou Lafourche of the Gollywomp, a man turned into a monster. Well, legends aren't always fiction, and monsters aren't always horrible, but something's got to account for the bodies being pulled out of that swamp. And that something's got nothing to do with voodoo.


Bayou Lafourche, July 1931. A Predator is hunting within the Louisiana swamps, feeding on the muskrats he steals from traps. Eventually, two trappers, guided by the Cajun LeBlanc, discover the empty traps. One of the trappers suspects a mink or alligator, though LeBlanc is doubtful. After discovering unusual foot tracks and a skinned body hanging form the trees, the trappers assume that the Ku Klux Klan are active in the swamp, though they have never heard of the Klan skinning their victims. Mr. LeBlanc is now convinced that the culprit is a local legend called the "Gollywomp".

The myth of the Gollywomp.

LeBlanc recalls the story of a man named Big John. In love with a married woman, he had a witch cast a voodoo curse that killed her husband. However, Big John refused to pay the witch, resulting in her putting a curse over him, transforming him into a large bull frog. Big John killed the witch hoping for the magic to fade, but it didn't work. Now a monster, Big John kills other men and flays them, intending to wear a skinsuit that fits to pass as human.

The two trappers don't believe his story and continue to follow the tracks, accompanied by a cautious LeBlanc. After encountering more bodies. They are shocked to witness a Yautja, unaware of their presence and busy cleaning a Trophy in a nearby clearing. LeBlanc decides to leave, before the trappers are suddenly discovered by the creature. One of them shoots at the Predator with his shotgun, but only grazes the predator's Dreadlocks. The 'Gollywomp' retaliates by impaling the man against a tree with a well-placed throw of his Combistick. The other man flees, but is caught by the Predator. In a panic, the he shoots the Predator in the face at point blank, wounding him. The trapper catches up with LeBlanc, but 'Big John' uses his Smart Disc and knocks the man down. He subsequently blows a whole through LeBlanc's shoulder with his Speargun before killing the trapper.

LeBlanc cooking 'Yautja Gumbo.'

Following the trail of blood from the wound, the Predator tracks LeBlanc to the other side of a creek, armed with a branch spear. Expecting an honorable duel, the Predator removes his equipment and deliberately wounds his arm to be on equal terms, before rushing towards LeBlanc across the creek. However, it is revealed that the creek was quicksand, and the 'Gollywomp' is shocked to realize that LeBlanc had tricked him into sinking into a sand trap. A triumphant LeBlanc mocks the creature as the Predator drowns, mimicking his laughter.

Later, LeBlanc is seen making a soup with the Predator's head, and has the rest of the body hanging on a hook to cook later.


Reprint History

Predator: Strange Roux was eventually collected as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 3 in June 2008.

The comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on May 8, 2013, reusing Paul Lee's cover art.


  • Predator: Strange Roux is one of a number of comics which features a Predator's flesh being eaten by a human being. The back of the comic actually features a recipe for "Strange Roux".
    • Strange Roux is also one of the few comics to depict a Yautja eating.