Predator: Strange Roux is a one-shot comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in November 1996. It was written by Brian McDonald, pencilled by Mitch Byrd, inked by Jasen Rodriguez, colored by Jimmy Johns and Jim Sinclair, lettered by Sean Konot, and edited by Scott Allie, with cover art by Paul Lee. The story features a Predator hunting in the Louisiana Bayou.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Strange Roux was preceded by Predator: Dark River, and was followed by Predator: Kindred.

Publisher's Summary

There's a legend down in Bayou Lafourche of the Gollywomp, a man turned into a monster. Well, legends aren't always fiction, and monsters aren't always horrible, but something's got to account for the bodies being pulled out of that swamp. And that something's got nothing to do with voodoo.


Bayou Lafourche, July 1931. A Yautja is hunting in the Louisiana swamps, feeding on the muskrats he steals from the traps. Eventually, two trappers, guided by a Cajun, discover the empty traps and one of them believes that an alligator is stealing their prey. However, the old cajun say he doesn't believe an alligator would skin its prey. The trappers soon discover some tracks, and again they think are from an alligator. The cajun, named LeBlanc, points to the fact there's no tail marks on the trail, and its not an alligator. They discover a skinned body hanging form the trees and assume that the KKK are active in the swamp, but they have never heard of the Klan skinning their victims. Mr. LeBlanc is now convinced that the culprit is a local legend called the Gollywomp.

LeBlanc starts telling them a story about a man named Big John, who was in love with a married woman. So, he asked for a witch who could cast a voodoo spell in order to kill her husband. The spell worked and the man quickly died. However, Big John refused to pay the witch, so she then cast a spell over him, transforming him into a bull frog. Big John killed the witch hoping for the magic to fade, but it didn't work. Now a monster, Big John kills other men and skins them in order to pass for a man again.

The two trappers don't believe his story and they continue to follow the tracks, now wanting to hunt the creature responsible, while being followed by a worried LeBlanc. They find other bodies and now LeBlanc is really convinced of the presence of Big John. They surprise the predator making a Trophy in a nearby clearing. LeBlanc decides to leave, but one of the trappers want the Gollywomp as hunting trophy. However, his shotgun jams, and they are discovered. He shoots, but only grazes the predator's Dreadlocks which angers him. The yautja retaliates with his Combistick, killing the man. The other man flees, but is caught by the predator. In panic, the man shoots the predator in the face at point blank, wounding him in the eye. The trapper catches up with LeBlanc, who is sure he can loose the Gollywomp because he knows the swamp very well. The other man refuses in the belief that LeBlanc will delay him. The predator uses his Smart Disc and knocks the man down. After the predator killed the man with his Wristblades, LeBlanc distracts him and the man shoots at the same time the predator shoot his Plasmacaster at LeBlanc. However, the surviving man is killed by the predator. Soon, the yautja follows LeBlanc's trail of blood and confronts him.

LeBlanc is expecting "Mr Gollywomp", as he called him, in a creek. Armed with a wooden spear, LeBlanc injures the predator. The Yautja throws away all of his equipment, grab a big tree branch to be on equal terms, and heads towards Mr LeBlanc. Now is when the creature falls into a trap, more specifically a sand trap, as LeBlanc was expecting. A triumphant LeBlanc mocks as the predator drowns. Later, Mr. LeBlanc is seen making a soup with the predator's head, and has the rest of the body hanging on a hook to cook later.

Reprint History

Predator: Strange Roux was eventually collected as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 3 in June 2008.

The comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on May 8, 2013, reusing Paul Lee's cover art.

Behind the Scenes

Predator: Strange Roux is one of a number of comics which features a Predator's flesh being eaten by a human being. The back of the comic actually features a recipe for "Strange Roux".


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