Predator: South China Sea is a 2008 novel written by Jeff VanderMeer and published by DH Press.

Publisher's Summary

On a remote South China Sea island, a deadly hunt is underway... but not the kind of expedition the participants expected. In this remote, jungle-covered island somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia some of the most exotic animals in the world have been gathered as the prizes in a challenge of human against nature. The hunters come from all walks of life. Each has come to the island for personal reasons, some secret, some deadly. But when the encampment's owner, ex-Khmer Rouge Colonel Rath Preap, finds the fences cut and his security men missing, it's clear that the game has turned. And as the hunters battle for survival, they discover there is another creature out for blood... an adversary that has faced death on a thousand worlds — a Predator with an unstoppable lust for conquest!


Set in an area near Thailand and Indonesia, an exotic hunt is to take place pitting seven hunters against the prey captured and brought to this fenced encampment. However, when the owner finds that the encampment has been breached by an unknown hunter, and his crew turns up missing, we realize there is much more than just a hunt of exotic animals taking place. The hunters become the hunted by a Predator who has come to take part in the game.


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