Predator: Nemesis is a two-issue limited comic book series that was first published by Dark Horse Comics from December 1997-January 1998. It was written by Gordon Rennie, illustrated, inked and colored by Colin MacNeil, lettered by Gary Fields and edited by Philip Amara and David Land, with cover art by Tom Taggart. The story deals with a Predator hunting in Colonial India and Victorian England.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Nemesis was preceded by Predator: Primal and Predator: Bump in the Night, and was followed by Predator: Hell Come a Walkin'.

Publisher's Summary

#1: It is a time of secrets and evil: the time of Jack the Ripper, and his reign of terror on Victorian England. But not every trail of blood led to that diabolical figure. Captain Soames is quickly learning that 19th century London is home to more than one brutal murderer. It will take all of the captain's cunning and skill to find and defeat his quarry. But Soames can't shake the feeling that he's met the killer before: a mythological man-eating demon that looks surprisingly like a Predator.

#2: There are few things on this Earth as cunning and vicious as a Predator, and this one's just found worthy prey. In the fog-filled streets of Victorian England, Captain Soames, pride of the British military, is being hunted by the otherwordly creature. But this may not be the first time the two warriors have clashed. In the jungles of India, Soames once faced a demon the locals called Raksasha. Now it looks like it's returned to finish the job.

Reprint History

Predator: Nemesis was eventually collected as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 4 in September 2008.

The complete comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on May 29, 2013, reusing Tom Taggart's cover art from issue 1.

Behind the Scenes

The character of Sherlock Holmes' brother Microft Holmes, a high-ranking official in Victorian British intelligence who plays a role in Nemesis, is an actual character mentioned in the original Sherlock Holmes novels. The character, who has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity, also plays a role in the popular comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by writer Alan Moore.

The periodicals in the comic attribute the nickname of "Springheeled Jack" to the unknown murderer; Spring-heeled Jack is an actual entity from English folklore, described by people who claimed to have seen him as having a terrifying and frightful appearance, with diabolical physiognomy, clawed hands and eyes that "resembled red balls of fire".


  • Jaya Soames, the great granddaughter of Captain Soames, appears in the later series Predator: Hunters.


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