Predator: Captive is a one-shot comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in May 1998. It was written by Gordon Rennie, illustrated and colored by Dean Ormston, lettered by Fiona Stephenson, and edited by Philip Amara and Ian Stude, with cover art by Dean Williams.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Captive was preceded by Predator: Hell Come a Walkin', and was followed by Predator: Demon's Gold.

Publisher's Summary

Tyler Stern is a reclusive billionaire industrialist who has everything. Everything except his own living, breathing Predator. But with the help of some friends in high places, it's not long before Stern has that, too. Fascinated by the creature, he creates a biosphere to study the alien killing machine in its own environment. But has the billionaire's fascination turned to obsession? Stern may be studying the Predator, but it's becoming clear who the real captive is.

Plot Summary

Reclusive billionaire Tyler Stern is able capture a live Predator. After amputating one of the creature's arms to remove its wrist gauntlet and prevent its Self-Destruct Device activating, he creates a biosphere in which to study the alien killing machine, providing human prey for it to hunt.

Stern soon realizes that the Predator is in fact controlling the situation, carefully studying the human defenses and playing with him. Eventually, the Predator manages to intentionally lower its pulse, respiration and heartbeat to critical levels, luring a security team to enter the biosphere to investigate. The creature attacks the unsuspecting team and escapes its enclosure, unleashing chaos on the facility. Stern decides to face the Predator personally, bringing the creature's wrist gauntlet with him; he loses the battle and is grievously wounded. As the Predator recovers its wrist gauntlet, Stern is able to shoot it with a poisoned dart possessing a bio-specific toxin engineered to affect the creature's blood chemistry. As both lay dying, the Predator activates its Self-Destruct Device and the blast destroys the entire facility. 

Reprint History

Predator: Captive was eventually collected as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 4 in September 2008.

The comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on June 19, 2013, using new cover art by George Pratt.

Behind the Scenes

The name of the military attack group sent in to raid Stern's compound at one point in the story is "Nimrod Squadron". Coincidentally, Nimród Antal was the name the director of the 2010 film Predators.

The ellusive subject of trying to capture a living Yautja for study and observation has been the subject of a number of Predator stories throughout the history of the franchise, perhaps most notably the film Predator 2. Captive is one of the only stories to feature such a capture attempt actually succeeding, although that success, of course, is revealed to be merely temporary as the story unfolds.

Writer Gordon Rennie was also the author of Predator: Nemesis, while artist Dean Ormston previously illustrated Predator: Hell Come a Walkin'.


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