Predator: Bad Blood is a three-part comic book short story that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in the company's self-titled anthology series Dark Horse Comics #12-14, from August-November 1993. It was written by Evan Dorkin, illustrated by Derek Thompson, inked by Ande Parks, colored by Chris Chalenor, lettered by Pat Brosseau and edited by Chris Warner. Issue #12 of Dark Horse Comics also featured Predator cover art by Thomson. The comic serves as a prequel to the four-issue series of the same name, produced by the same creative team.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Bad Blood (short story) was preceded by Predator: Race War (series), published concurrently with Predator: The Pride at Nghasa, and was followed by Predator: The Hunted City and Predator: Bad Blood (series).

Publisher's Summary

#12: Predators are lots of things — mean, nasty, and cruel to name a few. But there are things that make even the meanest Predators twitch and one of them comes to Earth in part 1 of Evan Dorkin's new "Predator: Bad Blood," premiering in this issue of Dark Horse Comics!

#13: In "Predator: Bad Blood," part 2, Chris discovers that not all the players are obnoxious city slickers. Nor are they all human.

#14: Also this month, in the final installment of "Predator: Bad Blood," the Predator decides it's time to really go to town... with a vengeance.

Reprint History

Unlike many other serialized short story prequels in the Predator comics line, Predator: Bad Blood was not collected and reissued as a bonus issue of the full Predator: Bad Blood series. However, the prequel was included with the main series as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 3 in June 2008.