The PredQueen or Predalien Queen was a Xenomorph/Yautja hybrid created due to the efforts of Dr. Samuel Kadinsky, who was intimately knowledgeable about the Xenomorph's life cycle. Her existence caused an uproar among Predator communities.


Biology and Creation[]

The Predalien Queen was a Hive monarch and unique amongst all others recorded so far. Physically, she did not differ immensely from a Standard Queen in anything but color and a few features, however she was as physically durable as an Empress in her base form; It is possible she might've been an Empress by the time the hunt began. The PredQueen reflected the same brownish hues as the other Predaliens found on LV-742, as well as the mandibles of her Yautja host, but notably lacked the dreadlocks. Bony Protrusions are also littered around the edge her crest and she also has secondary arms.

The Queen behaves and functions identically to a standard Xenomorph Queen and her differences beyond that seem superficial. No details are given about any previous forms, though the use of Praetorian Facehuggers in her creation seems to imply that the Queen might have had a PredAlien-Praetorian stage before becoming a PredAlien Queen, which is likely where her existence being impossible arises from. Praetorian Facehuggers only carry and implant Praetorian larvae regardless of host. The DNA Reflex, typically active in an infesting, would not be or be minimally active in this case, however Kadinsky found a way around this thus producing the alien. She would be his second creation, after the K-Series Xenomorphs.

Presumably, she was spawned from the Disgraced Predator.


The Predalien Queen was leader of an immense hive on LV-742. By the time the Ancient's Successors arive to begin The Purification Hunt, it has matured and is well established, featuring Ravagers, Carriers, Predaliens, Praetorians, and countless lower-caste aliens. It is unclear when and how the juvenile hybrid broke loose, but it is known that Kadinsky's capture and death and other Yautja inteference contributed to the freedom of Xenomorphs from all strains. The Predalien Queen sits at it's heart propogating the species, spreading the taint of her bloodline to each egg she lays. Like most Queens, the hybrid had no higher goals other than to grow her hive. Her existence prompted the use of Military Caste Yautja, as they will sometimes be deployed when a Hive has gotten uncontrollably large or if a Queen has gotten loose.

However, the Successor Clan cut a bloody path to her egg chamber after killing each of her children, and finally slew her. Once slain, her skull was collected as a sign of Predator Superiority and placed in the Predator Shrine. Afterwards, all traces of the hive were removed when the Ancient Nuke Carrier denoted a nuclear device that erased the Hive from existence entirely.


  • The Predalien Queen is said to be a natural impossibility and was only obtained through genetic engineering. However, the movie Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem contradicts this by featuring a juvenile Predalien Queen.[1]
  • Like the recent Aliens vs. Predator (2010 video game), Predaliens are considered abominations, however, the Predator protagonist does not take the Predalien's head as a trophy unlike in AVP:E where the Predalien Queen's head is taken. Granted, it is taken for ritualistic reaons, and not neccesarily for honor or glory.



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