A Predalien (or PredAlien) is a Xenomorph spawned from a Yautja. Amongst the most notable results of the Xenomorph's DNA reflex, the Predalien takes more clearly after its Yautja host, sharing physical features such as dreadlocks, mandibles and lighter skin coloration.[1] They are lethal combatants, often seen to possess strength far in excess of human-spawned Xenomorphs owing to the greater physical prowess of their hosts, a trait the Predalien subsequently inherits and enhances. They are apparently rare and are regarded by the prideful Yautja as abominations and an insult to their species.

The very existence of a Predalien is such an affront to the Yautja that if the knowledge of a live Predalien's existence reaches the Yautja, the Predalien is instantly marked for death, and this will immediately summon the most senior Predators to find and eliminate it at any cost. The elimination of a Predalien is not seen as a worthy trophy, rather, a Predalien is seen by the Yautja as anathema and an insult to their pride as a species, and to the Yautja, the very existence of a Predalien is totally unacceptable. To the Yautja, a Predalien should never exist and the Yautja as a species are obliged to ensure Predaliens never exist under any circumstance.[2]




The Predalien, noticeably more robust and less skeletal than the typical Xenomorph.

While the Predalien's physical form has varied quite widely throughout its many appearances, the most common physicality is that of a bulkier, heavier-built Xenomorph Warrior incorporating several traits taken from its Yautja host, most notably dreadlock-like appendages on the head, which tends to be less elongated than on typical Xenomorphs, and similar mandibles around the mouth. It is known that the Yautja dreadlocks are sensory organs, similar to whiskers, and assist with balance and reflexes. Predaliens may use them similarly, being more versatile and agile than a Praetorian, a Xenomorph of similar size and, at times, similar hive-function. The mandibles appear to function as extra weaponry, they are even a feature present during the chestburster stage. Both the dreadlocks and mandibles have an insectoid look to them, distinguishing them in appearance from the host creature.

Predaliens are taller than both Predators and human-spawned Xenomorphs, standing around 10', and possess greater physical strength than both aforementioned species. They have a paler skin color than most other Xenomorphs, and have been known to produce similar vocalizations to the Predators.


Warrior-Type Predalien[]

"Instinctually sensing threats to the fabric of the hive-mind, the Queen hungers for stronger, more superior hosts to use in growing the new hive."
―AVP:E, (Aliens, Campaign Three)[3]

The Abomination, a "Warrior-Type" Predalien.

The Warrior (or Drone)-Type Predalien is the most common type of Predalien observed. Just as human-spawned Xenomorphs are physcially superior to their hosts, Predaliens are typically physically stronger than Yautja and it would require a highly experienced and well armed Yautja to be able to stand a chance.

Predaliens usually take on the "dreadlocks" of their hosts, originally this was unexplained due to a lack of knowledge about the Yautja's biology but with information revealing the purpose of the host's dreadlocks, that being a sensory organ, it is likely this incorporated to make the Xenomorph more efficient at surviving.

Though warrior predaliens serve a similar function to human-spawned drones, they have a notable tendency to hunt alone rather than in groups. The reason for this is unknown, however some human-spawned drones have been known to patrol and hunt on their own.

Frequently, Warrior-Type Predaliens have wider, shorter heads than standard warriors. These crests may be another trait taken from the Yautja, who also have crested heads. Xenomorphs are known to adapt both their bodies and behaviors in response to threats, and this is said to be instinctual.

If Yautjas are present, Queens will often specifically seek to make hosts of them[4][5] in order to make the hive strong and able to contend with their presence. Some Predaliens, such as those found on LV-742, have queen-selected adaptations specific for overcoming Yautjas. They are also one of the alien strains that can benefit from Cystic Acid and come in a tougher Cystic Variation.

Praetorian Predalien[]


A Praetorian-type Predalien.

There has only been one Praetorian Predalien observed, that being the individual that attacked Gunnison, Colorado. Physically, Warrior and Praetorian appear slightly different, notably the head shape is more similar to that of a typical Praetorians. Like standard Praetorians, Predalien Praetorians function as leaders in the absence of their queen. They show a noted interest in harvesting hosts, they will even physically stop other Xenomorphs from attempting to kill potential hosts.[6] This may suggest that they do not have total control over their broods yet, as a Queen's will enough would be enough to order around lowly drones. Praetorian-types directly increase the population of Xenomorphs by implanting embyros into hosts in a manner similar to a facehugger. This was done in order to establish a small army of drones so that the future-Queen would have adequate protection immediately after molting and creating her Egg sac.


The Queen-like headcrest of a Praetorian-Predalien.

Direct infection is something typical Praetorians are not shown to be able to do. They seem to share the Praetorian's hardy mesoskeleton and can exert enough force to break concrete, damage a Yautja's hunting equipment, and send an adult Yautja flying back a few meters. The Earth Predalien, for instance, had both damaged Wolf's cloak and shattered the left side of his bio-mask with one strike from its claws and tail. In comparison, the most drones are shown doing to a bio-mask is scarring the metal.

Role in the Hive[]

Predaliens are a rare and unique caste, serving the hive as warriors, infestation agents, and one potential pathway to a Queen in the absence of a Hive Monarch.

Heavy Assault Organism[]

"The PredAlien is the hive's heavy assault organism, as it is tougher than the warrior and able to inflict more damage."
Aliens Bestiary
Davedorman's predalien2

Dave Dorman's Predalien

While the standard Warrior is the hive's primary assault unit, Yautja-spawned Xenomorph are the heavy assault units of the hive[7] with their larger hands and longer tails[8]. They are able to take more damage than a Warrior and are resistant to heat, a weakness shared amongst most other Xenomorphs. They are physically as strong as a Praetorian, but a standard Predalien cannot withstand as much damage. They are superior to Praetorians in agility however, able to jump, scale walls, and move through vents.

The creatures are incredibly strong and fast in battle, combining the lightning-fast strikes typical of Aliens with the brute force of the Yautja, making them deadly opponents to even Elite Predators. Physically, they are incredibly robust, even able to survive being submerged in magma for a short time.[2] Their hide is tough enough to shrug off an uncharged blast from a Plasmacaster at point-blank range without displaying any visible damage,[9] a characteristic it does not lose even when struck with a fully charged shot. They also inherit a Predator's ability to fight in hand to hand combat, something a human-spawned Xenomorph cannot do.[2]

Predalien larvae could benefit from the Cystic Acid of a Drone, and would be born with a toughness falling just short of a Praetorian if so.

Intelligence and trophy claiming[]

Predaliens have variously been displayed as being an integral part of the Xenomorph's societal hierarchy, or acting as lone creatures totally independent of any Hive. The Earth Predalien, a juvenile Queen, was shown to be actively building a Hive and establishing an army of Drones to protect it once it matured to the Egg-laying stage.[9] Conversely, the Abomination on BG-386 did not interact with the Hive on the planet in any way whatsoever, instead hunting humans independently with no apparent higher goals or motive.

Predalien removing spine-1-

The Abomination with a human's skull and spinal column.

Much like the Yautja, Predaliens have been known to mutilate their victims[9] and claim trophies from them, usually the skull.[2] However, it is unlikely this is done in pursuit of perceived honor, as with the Predators. More likely it is an after-effect of genetic memory or instinct inherited from the host, a theory backed up by the fact that Predaliens have not been shown to display or otherwise respect any trophies they claim; in other words, while a Predalien feels a basic urge to perform these ritualistic mutilations on its prey, it has no higher knowledge of why it is doing so.

Behind the Scenes

The Predalien was first depicted in a painting by Dave Dorman, commissioned as a piece of concept artwork for Peter Briggs' unproduced Alien vs. Predator script, titled The Hunt: Alien vs. Predator. The creature subsequently featured in the comic Aliens vs. Predator: Duel, a sequel to the original Aliens vs. Predator comic miniseries and the short story Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time. It follows a squad of United States Colonial Marines that come to the planet Ryushi to investigate a distress signal.


  • The look of the Predalien has varied greatly between appearances. While in reality this can be ascribed to artistic license, in-universe it has never been explained.
  • The name Predalien is a portmanteau of "Predator-Alien".
  • In the 1999 video game Aliens versus Predator, the Predalien is red in color and looks more like an Alien than a Predator. It has two characteristic Predator mandibles.
  • Predaliens take more overt traits from their host than human-spawned Xenomorphs. This is possibly due to Yautja genes being more "potent" or superior to those of humans and therefore more likely to emerge from the Xenomorph DNA reflex.[10]
  • In the Abomination's first scene in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator, it is seen "de-spining" a human corpse in the same manner as the Predators. This behavior is also seen in deleted scenes from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Stills of Predators skinned by the Predalien are included in Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.'s book, AVPR: Inside the Monster Shop. This behavior is thought to be inherited genetically. Furthermore, in the final fight in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the Predalien appears to wait while Wolf removes his bio-helmet, as Predators are known to do. This, however, caused a lot of debate among fans.
  • Predaliens are often mistakenly referred to as hybrids, which is not accurate. As with the Runner, they are merely a result of the Xenomorph's natural ability to adopt the characteristics of their host.
  • Predaliens in some media have been shown to have the non-acidic, fluorescent-green blood of Yautja, although this depiction is far from universal and others possess the dull yellow acidic blood typical of more common Xenomorphs.
  • The Predalien was added as a playable character to AVP: Evolution via an update.
  • In Mortal Kombat X, if the Alien uses the "Alien Baby" Brutality finishing move on the Predator, a Predalien Chestburster will emerge from the Predator's body.



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