The Ryushi Predalien was born from an unknown Yautja, presumably from the clan led by Dachande.

Biology and appearance

Unlike most Predaliens, the Ryushi Predalien was jet black in coloration, its "dreadlocks" spiking out in the back of its head instead of hanging down, hidden underneath a crest. Instead of having four mandibles, it only has two on its bottom jaw.

Behavior and Intelligence

Not much is known about the Predalien, but it is presumably just as aggressive and dangerous as other Predaliens. Unusually, it displayed an ability to cloak itself like a Yautja — the exact mechanics behind this remain unknown, as a Yautja' cloaking is a feature of their technology and not something that would be passed on through the DNA reflex.


The Ryushi Predalien was born from a Predator and terrorized a few humans on planet Ryushi. Afterwards it was slain by Light-Stepper and Glass.


  • As is the case with many Predaliens, the Ryushi Predalien is incorrectly referred to as a hybrid.
  • The Ryushi Predalien was the first official Predalien to appear in the Alien vs. Predator franchise.




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