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The Funko Pop! Vinyl figures are an ongoing line of vinyl figurines in a chibi style. They have produced figures based on a large variety of different franchises as well as releasing figures of original characters. They currently own the rights to produce figures based on the Alien & Predator franchises.




  • Predator — Predator (Jungle Hunter)
  • Predator — Bloody Predator (2013 SDCC exclusive)
  • Predator — Cloaked Predator (Gemini Collectibles exclusive)
  • Predator — Cloaked Bloody Predator (Hot Topic exclusive)
  • Predator — Masked Predator
  • Predator — Predator (8-Bit, Gamestop exclusive)
  • Predator — Glow in the Dark Predator (8-Bit, Gamestop exclusive)
  • The Predator Rory in Predator Mask
  • The Predator — Assassin Predator (Ultimate Predator)
  • The Predator Fugitive Predator
  • The Predator — Unmasked Fugitive Predator
  • The Predator — Black Chrome Fugitive Predator (F.Y.E. exclusive)
  • The Predator — Fugitive Predator (2018 NYCC exclusive)
  • The Predator Predator Hound (Red)
  • The Predator — Predator Hound (Green)
  • The Predator — Predator Hound Heat Vision (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Conan — Conan Predator (2018 SDCC exclusive)



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